By Rejection - 04/05/2010 07:33 - France

Today, I sent my boyfriend a naughty pic. I then asked him if there was anything else he wanted before I got dressed. His reply? "No it's fine." FML
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SarahMarie83 0

Fast Forward about 2 weeks and we'll see an FML where your ex-boyfriend dumped you and posted your "naughty pics" all over Facebook.

ryguy997 0

maybe cuz one is enough.


ydi for having a penis

i honestly don't think OP has a penis.


you sent a pic, so you're not in person. what was he supposed to ask for?

LOL maybe he just isn't very imaginative, or is too shy to ask for something else? Or he is so devestatingly turned on that he only needed one ha ha WTF is antiflood??

my comment #5 was meant for #1, whose comment has since been deleted. just putting it out there.

rohosoccer08 1

haha my husband prob wouldve asked for more

I don't get it? How is this an FML?

maybe he just wasnt in the mood

maybe if u used spell check, then it'd be FTW. but you're a tard, so u, good sir, are a balding epic fail.

nightELFassasin6 0

not with that face 22... jk

can I have some!?? lol

wow op u must be oooooogly

hhhiii 0

lmao! that's what I said(x

JoshK9030 0

maybe hes secretly gay? 

fighting on the Internet is like competing in the special olympics. even if you win, you're still retarded. grow up

tman118 0

oh ya babe blow me over the phone! WTF

your weird

picture of skitlles o_O

LMFAO #6! i totally agree

umm.. op is a girl.

luis420 0

op has blue waffle


tbone420 0

WTF is Op!?

111- OP = Owner's post :)

kissMyAsss_fml 0

Yeah, seriously. I don't get why this is an FML.

well, obviously you're not that hot. just drop down a league? anti flood owns me :(


haha drop down a league, good one good one!

^ lol cheers

oh poor baby, maybe when you sent the picture he was sitting there thinking to himself holy god am I really dating this thing, was u drunk or what please don't send me another picture oh my gross. please god save me for I have sinned!!!

Seriously what is Anti-flood?

meowmeowwkitty 0

when you post so much?

clarissa_Gyall 0


littlemissdqgirl 8

Ouch, burn! Did you not shave or something?!

noseasmamon 0

damn dude.... ur pale as hell

Monikabug 9

Shush you!! She has a beautiful porcelain face.

lol @59. I can't really tell if ur being sarcastic or not but it still made me laugh

Monika is right. Her face is pretty porcilein-like, but it works on her. 

Yes, I realised I misspelled it.

aaaand ur a ninja..?

I wonder if she sparkles in the sun too?

ryguy997 0

maybe cuz one is enough.

eihtballplaya_fml 4

WTF must have been a funny odor

wat tha hell are you talking about lol

meowmeowwkitty 0


da ****?

iamchuck 0

I'm sure someone wants to see them. Not me, but someone somewhere, maybe.

What do you expect him to say? You're not around anyways, get dressed and don't let him wait.

You're so pretty. awe.

second that. you too.

melkell 0

38 if your pants were any lower it'd be considered public indecency.

xman4396 0

11,38. yu both r hella pretty!!

nobridgejustwate 0

Both of them look like skanks for adding barely-decent pics to their FML profile. just sayin'.

I don't even know how to add pics yet!

60s rite ya know

that is harsh op deserves it for being a skanky fat bird

11 and 38 aren't skanks. stop bein jelous of their beauty

what? you scared too see #55?

38 your vag is hanging out.

60 please. Quit bein catty cuz they're cuter

RaIeigh 0

Maybe he said that cause he only needed one pic to wank off to. So, it doesn't necessarily mean OP is ugly.

stewpididiot 11

He was probably too busy jacking off to say more !

thats what i was thinking... kinda. maybe he was happy with that single one you send him :-S

SarahMarie83 0

Fast Forward about 2 weeks and we'll see an FML where your ex-boyfriend dumped you and posted your "naughty pics" all over Facebook.