By AdriftInTheSeaOfPaperwork - 24/09/2014 17:17 - Germany - Dachau

Today, after waiting well over a month for a work visa in Germany that should only have taken 3 weeks to come through, I finally received my long-awaited answer. Unfortunately, that answer was "We lost your paperwork." FML
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Government services always seem to work this way. Personally at the 9 week mark for my medical license .... Sorry op.


I see I'm getting down voted, so let me elaborate on what I mean. They obviously didn't lose the paperwork, as they wouldn't have been able to contact him.

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her* And I was wondering about that too, maybe OP called to follow up

Or, maybe they meant that they lost all the supporting paperwork but still had part of the application and thus the OP's address.

Well, in the US, the address is written on top of the resume. I don't know about Germany, though. OP should've followed up with them and asked why they'd taken so long.

I had to get a work visa for Germany. You have to register online and you provide contact info on the site and then you bring your supporting documentation in person, at least that's how it worked for me. If they lost everything, that would suck horribly because they take your passport along with all the paperwork. OP posted from Germany so at least we know it all worked out in the end.

There's a button that more or less says that

Hey, at least she's in Bayern. Oktoberfest is being held in Münich right now.

I sure hope you made a photo copy it's not the same as original but at times it does work

Government services always seem to work this way. Personally at the 9 week mark for my medical license .... Sorry op.

You're four out of the first seven comments. You even replied to your own comments. Take a breather and step away from the keypad.

I have a phone and I was bored to tears on my walk home from school, sue me. Let me clarify, that "sue me" was sarcastic. I feel like you'll take it seriously.

Am I the only one that actually got pissed off by this?

Nope, this has happened to me too so I know how frustrating this is to have to deal with unorganized, unprofessional people.

I may not do actual paperwork but I have to say when I'm waiting for something that doesn't take long I get pissed. Best of luck next time OP...

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The least interesting person in the world: I may not do actual paperwork, but when I do, I like to piss of as many people as possible

I totally did to! They're messing with her freaking job by screwing up like that. Three things you never mess with 1) family 2) significant other and 3) someone's money or the means to earn that money.

Follow up along the way to ensure they have what they need. Sorry for your aggravation though

Man that totally sucks I hope you have better luck next time OP