By Anonymous - 11/10/2010 10:50 - United States

Today, I lost the remote control to my TV. I can't change the channel manually on it, and the channel it's stuck on is currently playing an infomercial for the Pos-T-Vac penis pump. I've been watching this for an hour now. I'm a female, and I'm beginning to feel like I need this product. FML
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Get it on one condition: It's gotta be $19.95

Your tv doesn't even have a power button?????? Unplugging it might be dangerous, but a tv without a physical power button is weird. (And I have an LCD tv)


Get it on one condition: It's gotta be $19.95

u would no baby dick... jk

If only Billy Mays could have been there... R.I.P. Billy Anyway Op, here's an idea, TURN IT OFF OR GTFO! that was easy. FTCB.

of course you need one. It will turn yo vag into a péñ0r

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lol WTF?? what would op use that for??? Op, go outside!! stop complaining about ur tv remote & get some phisical activity!!!

Believe it or not, there are some buttons on the tv. If you press the buttons, they actually change the channel! Just like in the old times!

shaneac....did you not read it? *i cant change the channel manually* i still think shecouldveturneditoff orwalked away..

#48, some cable terminals don't have any buttons on them so you need the remote that came with it to control the terminal

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You've been watching the tv for an hour? think of all the sandwiches you could have made in that time!

The sandwich jokes are really not funny. Op- pick up a book

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^^ This.... Turn of the TV and read a book or go for a jog for goodness sakes....

Your options are: 1) Break the TV with a hammer. Problem solved.

@ 96, finally, someone who has some sense! Uhm, why not just unplug the TV if you don't wanna watch it?

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17, win. RIP Billy Mayes. He has the power of selling anything by yelling!

yeah, the buttons work until they decide to stop workong...

I think the sandwich jokes are hilarious. andd I'm a girl :P

Your tv doesn't even have a power button?????? Unplugging it might be dangerous, but a tv without a physical power button is weird. (And I have an LCD tv)

This comment was posted exactly 1 year ago

This comment was posted exactly 1 year ago

yeah, try turning the TV off! I am sure there are other things you could do. They use to make these things, their like a collection of words and stories, multi paged, bound together, I believe they were called books. . . it might just be a rumor but I believe in them.

my tv doesn't have any buttons at all and its useless without the remote; I've had the same problems as op

You need to brush up on your reading. Before you insult other people, check your spelling.

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so...turn off the tv?

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Exactly. I say turn off the effing TV and go outside!

Unplugging sounds life threatening indeed.

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I'm just wondering why she stayed there, she could of just gone on the computer and watch hulu or something, but no buttons is very very starnge

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# 51 You must be from the South. That is a common grammatical mistake down here. :) Oh and penis pump lady......derp.

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turn off the tv or get another remote?

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I bet looking for the remote consisted of lifting your fat rolls and checking your bowl of cheetos. Get up and find the remote!!!

Honestly, get a life. Take a walk, look around, and I'm sure you'll find something much more interesting than whatever's on TV.

Well geez what's your issue?

What sort of TV is that, without buttons?? Surely there has to be a way to turn it off, or you can simply unplug it. Unless you exagerrated for the FML's sake, you really deserved it.

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So go do something besides watching tv!

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I'm starting to think I need one lol

power... button...