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Today, while working at the bar, I accidentally spilled a beer on my chest. Several drunk men whistled and seemed to enjoy what they saw so much that they bought even more drinks and started coming onto me. My boss asked if I could do it again on my next shift. FML
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Only do it if you get the keep the extra profits !

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I think that if OP wanted to make extra money by exploiting herself she'd be a stripper not a bartender.

she's a smart stripper, she got a real job with better exploitation money.

I agree with you as long as they don't touch her...

Being a stripper doesn't mean you're exploiting yourself. Stop degrading sex workers.

NUMBAR 19 - (a small amount of people will get this) Anyways, great pun. Here is a beer for making me laugh. *throws beer at naked lady*

Isn't that how the movie Coyote Ugly starts?

At least if you get good at it, those skills will be easily transferable. Doctors, software engineers, and high-stakes traders are constantly required to spill things all over themselves.

It's true. As a software developer, I constantly spill boxes of keyboard keys over myself. We win every client.

I think some people took my attempt at humor as an actual endorsement of the boss's douchebaggary.

Trip: Duh! Esp. when you DON'T explain each stereotypical example.... :-(

Trip: AND too forget the "lol" or ;-). Sheesh!!! [smh]

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What makes you think her boss is a man? Can't just assume that info girl.

And risk getting fired?! :-( She doesn't have to wear a wet Tee EVERY shift to attract attention both from the original patrons and others once the "word gets out!" There will be add'l/ return visits by customers who "unfortunately" showed up on a "dry" T-shirt day in a "wet" (more ways than just ONE! ;-) bar.... lol

Ask for a raise and if he says no, spill more beer on your chest.

Your negotiating style is interesting to say the least

Thank you 32, I think you understood my sarcasam.

Keller: Or throw beer on his chest - as a new, non-verbal/ -written form of employee "improvement for suggestions!" Then he'll be reminded of how icky it feels.... lol

TMWhisp: ALL guys are pigs/ perverts. Some just hide it better than others. ;-) Likewise, all women are crazy ... and NONE can hide it for more than 2 weeks! lol