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Ask for a raise

Gross. The men, not you.


Only do it if you get the keep the extra profits !

I think that if OP wanted to make extra money by exploiting herself she'd be a stripper not a bartender.

she's a smart stripper, she got a real job with better exploitation money.

I agree with you as long as they don't touch her...

Being a stripper takes skill tho

Being a stripper doesn't mean you're exploiting yourself. Stop degrading sex workers.

Gross. The men, not you.

Helping the business?

Ask for a raise

Sounds like she got a few raises.

NUMBAR 19 - (a small amount of people will get this) Anyways, great pun. Here is a beer for making me laugh. *throws beer at naked lady*

Isn't that how the movie Coyote Ugly starts?

At least if you get good at it, those skills will be easily transferable. Doctors, software engineers, and high-stakes traders are constantly required to spill things all over themselves.

It's true. As a software developer, I constantly spill boxes of keyboard keys over myself. We win every client.

#31 Huehuehue. Where so you work?

Haha I don't get all the thumbs down?

I think some people took my attempt at humor as an actual endorsement of the boss's douchebaggary.

Trip: Duh! Esp. when you DON'T explain each stereotypical example.... :-(

Trip: AND too forget the "lol" or ;-). Sheesh!!! [smh]

Tell him to piss off.

What makes you think her boss is a man? Can't just assume that info girl.

And risk getting fired?! :-( She doesn't have to wear a wet Tee EVERY shift to attract attention both from the original patrons and others once the "word gets out!" There will be add'l/ return visits by customers who "unfortunately" showed up on a "dry" T-shirt day in a "wet" (more ways than just ONE! ;-) bar.... lol

Ask for a raise and if he says no, spill more beer on your chest.

Your negotiating style is interesting to say the least

Thank you 32, I think you understood my sarcasam.

Keller: Or throw beer on his chest - as a new, non-verbal/ -written form of employee "improvement for suggestions!" Then he'll be reminded of how icky it feels.... lol

I hope you said no.

Those guys are pigs.

TMWhisp: ALL guys are pigs/ perverts. Some just hide it better than others. ;-) Likewise, all women are crazy ... and NONE can hide it for more than 2 weeks! lol