By steveinnewsoh - 18/01/2009 19:12 - United States

Today, I went to get a scratch off lottery ticket, and the dude in front of me got the same one I was going to get. He won 500 dollars. I got 2 bucks. FML
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you shouldnt be sad for your 2 dollar win. you should be happy the other guy won 500 dollars

that sucks, but just hope that he needed it more =)

Oreohugzpenny 4

You got 2 bucks! You are god damn lucky I never win anything. v.v

Its called chance for a reason, roll with it.

next time bump him outta line, curb stomp him then buy lol

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lol at number 2 thats funny, and yea too bad you werent there a second before

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I fail to see how it was "your" ticket if the guy was there first. Unless he cut infront of you, that is.

There's more than one. Most likely they both got the same 'design' of card.

u ppl are soooo dumb! it cost 2 bucks to buy the ticket anyway so he/she would probally earned like a few cents and OP i feel sorry for u THE ECONOMY SUX and any type of money without labor is great and u were one step closer to earning about 499 dollars. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO close FYL

You said that a ticket costs about two dollars, yet he was close to making 499 dollars? WTF. Where did you learn mathematics? And, get over it. $2>$0

Sorry to burst your bubble, but "earning" implies working for it.

hahahah wouldn't it have been waayyy worse if the OP let the other guy in front of him?

"Today, I scratched off a lotto ticket. I won. The prize listed was: Cancer. FML." lol