By anonymous - 17/05/2011 17:34 - United States

Today, I won the lottery. My ex-girlfriend has the ticket. I just broke up with her. FML
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Shiiiiiit! fuck! that's literally THE worst fml I've ever read! if this fmls genuine I'm really really sorry for you mate! If I was in your shoes I'd probably shoot myself! But don't! I'd suggest pretending to have left something at her place, go round and rob the bitch!! Good luck fella.

even with the correction it doesn't make sense


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Why are you showin us your tougue? Are you showin us a sample of what you can do or something? Ugh...

55: Your statement is horribly false. He could have left her for many good reasons.:)

then when/if he gets the ticket back we will be seeing a fml from the gf

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no... it's not his fault like #69 said... I think. he could've dumped her for any reason.

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sorry? could you restate that in modern english?

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*eat sum poonaynay

Well I guess you won't be getting the money then D:!

even with the correction it doesn't make sense

shoulve taken the ticket BEFORE breaking up.

wtf were you drunk typing while commenting poonanay WTF! Dumb ass! fyl 4 being stupid!

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1, wtf is a poonaynay? anyway, how did you win the lottery if she has the ticket?

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Poonaynay = pussy.

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not necessarily...

I think that it goes to whoever bought the ticket.

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I bet she was all depressed until she realized she won thousands of dollars.

It goes to whoever signs the back. lol

that's not lucky

Aaron_Luvz_U 9

better luck next time:*( or u know sue her :

just reason with her and share the winnings. that simple.

DarkHelmet 10

Are u HIGH!!!!! don't give her SHIZZNIT!!!!

who's to say she wants to share? if he signed it she can't cash it... however if she destroys it he's screwed. if he didn't sign it she could sign it and take it all

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today, I didn't win the lottery. FML

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that's why u sign the back of the ticket! YDI!

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oh wow...well if it was not a bad breakup hopefully she will have the decency to at least share the winnings with you...good luck

DarkHelmet 10

do u live in Bizarro World? The "decency to give it back" a winning lotto ticket!!!!!!! not in a million years will she give it back.

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I didnt say give it back, I said share the winnings....

This new dark helmet guy doesn't appeal to me. I might add him to my shitlist with gayboii