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By  SoreThroat  |  0

I've always wanted to do this to my brother. Get back at him for all the piss bottles he tried to make me "accidentally" drink. All the times he tattle tailed on me when we were younger...hogging the bathroom...etc. D:

If you've ever done this to your sister, YDI!! XD

By  plexico  |  3

She should put it on YouTube. Maybe your little dance of avarice will go viral and you'll be the next "Numa Numa Boy."

Not only will you be out 10 grand, but you'll be a briefly famous idiot.

  plexico  |  3

You are right that it is probably more humiliating to be seen by the few who know you than by millions who don't.

The beauty part about technology is: why not both?

By  evangldbrg  |  0

Since this seems to come up in FML's alot. SUE HER for the 10 G's. While you may not have a case or a valid reason to do so without checking with your local laws first, it still seems like a good thing to do. Apparently everyone that is sue-happy on FML would think so.

By  Leon_S_Kennedy  |  0

Don't know why this would be an FML. I've seen this happen on america's funniest home videos. Fake lotto cards, people screaming. only difference here is OP has his friends see it. the people on amv had that shown on national tv. I see no reason to say fyl or ydi.