By Noname - 19/01/2009 10:26 - Canada

Today, I won $5000 dollars from a lottery ticket and tried giving the man next to me a high five. He had no hands. FML
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i hope you gave him the money to buy himself some hands. but i bet you didn't. selfish.

cbahh 0

This made me laugh for 3 whole minutes.


fuck your life? you're $5000 richer asshole.

bahahaha. favorite.

cbahh 0

This made me laugh for 3 whole minutes.

LMFAO i hate that i'm laughing at this but how RANDOM!?!? just try to imagine that!

mizled 0

xD Five grand richer ad slightly embarrassed. wow, I FEEL you PAIN

Dude, how do handless men wipe after being in the restroom?!?!? Anyway, see Ryan high-five the blind guy here:

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Umm, rip the toilet paper with your feet/mouth (ew), and put it on the edge of the toilet, and rub your butt on it, then push it into the toilet with your shoe. Or prosthetics could probably work.

Enoch134 0

lol he uses a hook hahaha

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okay, this is actually freaking hilarious. i laughed out loud.

this is TOOOOtally made up. for sure

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i declare shenanigans