By BigMoney - 07/09/2011 17:25 - United States

Today, behind a cabinet, I found a scratch-off lottery ticket I hadn't scratched yet. After scratching it off, I realized it's a $2,500 winner. The lottery commission won't accept it because they stopped using that game 2 years ago. FML
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missbadluk 0

damn that blows

lmao XD Well, that sucks for u. But atleast it wasnt a $2milion winner, then ud feel worse.


Why didn't you scrath it on the spot when you bought it 2+ years ago? YDI

Hayman68 4

That's exactly what I was thinking.

missbadluk 0

damn that blows

daysgoby902 6

that does that sucks

Your luck has expired. Literally.

GuitarFail123 9

haha this rly must suck, i hope this never happens to me!!!

sucks for youuuu ;)

cali_dude 5

You could have been $2,500 richer.

Damn, that hurt MY feelings

Just keep trying? Maybe you'll get another lucky one? Nah let's face it, sorry OP but you missed your shot. >.>

Denikk 0

Oh God, I'd really feel like shit... Like completely...

Lol, pfft $2500, I'd be bummed if it was 20 000

lmao XD Well, that sucks for u. But atleast it wasnt a $2milion winner, then ud feel worse.

Hayman68 4

*you *at least *wasn't *$2 million *you would

Watch out! Grammar nazi! :O

There is a difference between grammar and spelling lol. In all honesty people being too lazy to type a few more letters is kind of annoying. D_D

Who cares if other people want to type 'u' than you. You arent them so shut up.

With all due respect 49, I wasn't insulting anyone nor was I mean to them. Sorry if I offended you but you need to relax. Just gave an opinion is all.

Jvr91 8

49 has a point it's FML not English class. Btw 49 Dallas going down! lol

Ooohh catfight!! :P

Nazi is a proper noun, and should be capitalized.

Grammar Nazi gets owned by the Grammar Nazi. This is better than cable!

sexylegs17 5

Who cares about someone's grammar? , and as long as you can read it , I think it's fine. It's FML comments, not a letter to the president .

I like to type properly on the Internet only so I don't mess up in school. Also I don't have to add apostrophes cause of auto correct.

GlitteryMasakali 1

As long as you understand what is written, it's okay.

kings1fan 6

Who gives a shit how people spell on fml! Obviously you can understand what they say

Who cares about grandma its all the same.

16- do you really have NOTHING better to do??? :-$

Hayman68 4

irony, that is

emeraldchicky 0

how is that ironic??

oboewhore_xD 6

Irony* is.* I think it's ironic that he/she corrected the grammar and spelling of the commenter above, yet fails to use correct capitalization and punctuation on his/her own post.

Garytt 0

*Looks at #31's profile information* The irony

Damn the only thing worse than reading a stupid comment is reading it twice.

Damn the only thing worse than reading a stupid comment is reading it twice. It wasn't a stupid comment but I thought I would do it anyways. :D

bitchslapped22 14

31, you don't correct someone's grammar if they don't use caps and periods on FML, so shut the fuck up.

Oboe. That makes you awesome. :D

How the hell do you hear text?

How the hell do you hear text?

Hayman68 4

irony, that is

wasn't meant to be

Winning $2500 is always meant to be!

Ooooo that sucks

That's so sad yet absolutely hilarious at the same time

Go buy another current lotto ticket:)

Be OP might not win

pepelittle9 0

;3 u got to be in it to win it

That's just not the same as finding a $2500 winner behind your cabinet...

doctor_awesome 8

Uh, yeah.... What were you doing behind a cabinet?

probably cleaning, sherlock..

doctor_awesome 8

I ruled that option out. If it took 2 years to find, this person obviously doesn't clean. At least behind the cabinet anyway.