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Holy shit, you have the worst dentist EVER

Daaaaaaamn. You should sue them!


yep, and then no dentist will ever want to work again. Let me know how that works out for you

sue sue sue.... maybe. or ask for a free dentist visit or so

I agree- sue them or ask for this procedure to be done for free.

Why sue? If OP was in such extreme pain, it is possible that more than one tooth needed a root canal. The dentist probably took care of the one that seemed more serious but the procedure aggravated the other nerve. Sounds plausible, right? It may have even happened that way. Unless you have a solid case, stay out of court. OP, floss FFS.

the dentist can't lie because they took a X-ray before so it's clear which tooth had root compromise and which ones did not.

28 - the dentist said it was the wrong tooth. so, according to op it wasnt a matter of doing more than one tooth.

The dentist didn't say it was the wrong tooth, OP did. OP might just have meant not the tooth causing the pain. I had a similar problem once and the dentist performed the root canal. The only problem was the tooth with the root canal wasn't the source of the pain.

OP said they returned to the dentist only to find the dentist had done the wrong tooth, that implies the dentist told them.

Clearly, I disagree. My interpretation was that OP realised the dentist had not done the tooth that was causing all the pain.

Why are all the FML's worded so badly nowadays?

Because everyone is an idiot on here. They can't even use proper grammar. *Tear*

Nice anime. Jk (:

In this case, it's obviously because of the character limit.

It's because you worry about things nobody else cares about.

poor u!! hope u feel better soon!

Holy shit, you have the worst dentist EVER

Nah. The worst dentist ever purposely drills the roof of your mouth until you no longer have a pulse.

^ ur not funny so why even try

Why so serious!? ^ hahaha

maybe this dentist is only good at filling specific cavities... *weird creepy pedophile look*

Haha idk why but your comment made my day! xD

Well at least you don't have to worry about it happening to the other tooth.

Daaaaaaamn. You should sue them!

I have the feeling that the Denist is going to lie and tell you both teeth needed the root canal just to cover up his mistake.

wow I can't think of anything to say except fyl...that realllly sucks.

He forgot he was blindfolded?

And handcuffed.