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Today, I saw Saw IV with my boyfriend. He held me close and said, "I'll protect you." A few seconds later, he jumped up so violently, he gave me a bloody nose, and ran screaming out of the room. FML
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Next time he's napping, put his nuts into a primed rat-trap and tell him that you want to play a game.


French emoticons are so complex. Our North American 2-3 part emoticons never have that problem. :-D

Took a bit, I see the slanted lol representing the doomed trolls. Strange, aside from myself I rarely see anyone bother to include a nose within emoticons. Capitalism is about the death of trolls? I could get behind that assuming it is only inept trolls being purged. The capable ones provide great humour.

I agree with 1. He's definitely a little bitch. Find you a real man OP. Hurry before it's too late!

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im pretty sure it was rated r for a reason

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it's not scary, it's more creepy and disturbing.

your bf before- (?_´)?. then after- ?=?=?=?=?=?=?(;???)?

It's not made to be scary, it's made to be twisted, morbid, and gory

What if I told you... That noone cares.

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ouchh :/ but at least he said he wanted to procect you which is supersweet

Ever hear that saying, "Actions speak louder than words?"

no , would u rather some on say they're gunna rape u, or or actually do it!

Protect her? From what? The attack-ready movie theatre screen?

49--go back to school and learn to spell before posting again... thanks a ton

72-- get oveeerrrrrrrr iiittttttttt see I spelled thinnngggsaa wrong it's funnn haha..... Ur being dumb

82 This is FML, there is a reason all post are moderated, everyone on here are Grammer Nazi's.

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yeah but why would he give her a bloody nose , to be funny?

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how doing this can be funny? that s jusy retarded

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giving some one a bloody nose isn't funny

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He gave her a bloody nose on accident because he jumped op and probably elbowed her or something

Next time he's napping, put his nuts into a primed rat-trap and tell him that you want to play a game.

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My balls shrived up when I read your comment. *shudders*

That won't worry him. He's already proved he doesn't have any balls.

YDI for dating someone who gets scared by Saw. Great movies but certainly not scary.

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I find saw funny, the people that die deserve it so much sometimes it's hard not to laugh when they die.

I made a fml account just so I can say LMAO!!!!!! XD

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Congratulations! Now, please delete your account.

Welcome to the FML comments! OT: HAHAHAHAHAH! This was a good FML.