By Anonymous - 29/03/2011 23:58 - Canada

Today, I wound up in hospital because my boyfriend covered my face in fake gore while I was sleeping, to see if I was really as scared of blood as I claimed. Sure enough, when I saw my reflection in the bathroom mirror, I fainted, smashing my head against the counter on the way down. FML
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shibainu519 0

you should put fake gore on his d*** and see how much he likes it!

notsoluckypup 12

hope he pays for the hospital bill...


yay first !!!! sorry op your boyfriend is a asshole

then your your head was covered in real gore from the huge-ass gash you got.

29-thanks. I would have never understood had you not stated what the OP clearly implied.

C6Racer 0

She strikes again!

firecapez1 0

This used to happen to me when i lost my teeth. I would go in the bathroom to wash out the blood, and then the next thing i knew i was laying on the floor with a hurt head from falling back and hitting the door.

Ouch... so we've all learnt a lesson. don't play pranks! But gosh don't it feel gurrd ;p

Ahhmanwtf 0

man you're boyfriend should know you well enough to know it's really a phobia sorry OP!

funnyFMLSplz 0

The op's girlfriend just got 2 wins. nice. nice.

shibainu519 0

you should put fake gore on his d*** and see how much he likes it!

just smash his head against the mirror and then bury him alive in a coffin. Before he suffocates I am sure he will see the lighter side

he'll probably just think he had sex with a girl while she was on her period

rallets 22

grass on the field, play ball when the river runs red, take the dirt path

he will probably think it's a hand job with Ted lotion

Hand job from Chuck Norris xD!

i_love_grrr 0


Airborn0280 18

Lol, Awesome!

chickunkey 0

I wouldn't care if I woke up with fake gore on my face, as long as it comes off.

bobos_fml 0

you shuld really try. put some on his d***!!

79, OP thought it was real, dumbass.

notsoluckypup 12

hope he pays for the hospital bill...

that's right, bitcheses. we can go to the hospital for shits and giggles if we want. god, i love canada!

Randuhh_17 4

^^^^ your comment amuses me. xp. You win.

mattmadden 0


yes but... you have to wait 9 hours to be seen by a doctor.

what stupid hospital are you going to? i went in a couple months ago with a migraine and was treated in 40 minutes.

MC18 0

haw hawww. your pic is so funnayy.

LoneStarTexan 6

yours is too :P

Tonight, we die.


dayum. thats a keeper. oh hey. where did he buy the fake guts and stuff. i need some ;D ""evil laugh"

I like your pic :D

your boyfriend is a douche!

dumbasss!!!! XD

no way that's you in that picture!!

xoxoMEGANxoxo 13

wow...that sux, wat a dick.

slinginmac14 0

Eagle! hahahaha....

lordcaliburx 0

did you develop an item that let's a car time travel shortly there after ?

I don't know whether to vote your BttF reference a win, or a fail because of how poorly you used the English language to do so.

lordcaliburx 0

well that all depends on who low your self-esteem is and how much you need to raise it to feel better about your self.