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Today, I was watching TV, when I heard a blood-curdling scream from my boyfriend upstairs. It sounded like he was being murdered with a rusty fork, and I rushed to see what the hell was going on, hitting my shin against the stairs in the process. He'd stubbed his toe. FML
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I'll take a rusty fork over a stubbed toe.

It's not his fault it feels like Satan himself is unleashing his wrath on his stubbed toe.


I'll take a rusty fork over a stubbed toe.

Yeah, stubbing your toe is extremely painful. It's kind of stupid (in my opinion) that she's calling him a pussy when it is something that hurts like hell.

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32... it is always the plug...the plug on the floor always gets you

Relf 19

Id take a rusty spoon and jeff the killer over that any day of the week

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I am glad this was first comment. I was thinking the same thing

I'm glad mine are tiny kinda floppy kinds. Never broken nail nor toe, but they've been purple. But again, the nail is tiny.

If it was the little toe I completely understand his pain. That hurts!

No matter which toe it was, I completely understand his pain!

skipper2009 18

I stubbed my little toe so hard it killed the nail. I no longer have a toe nail on that toe.

I once stubbed my pinkie toe so hard it turned black. I couldn't even walk on that foot. It's still not as bad as getting the nail ripped off, but I get where you're coming from. It hurts a **** ton.

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Stubbing your toe hurts. I would've let put a blood-curdling scream too. ;)

SirGmoney 9

dont you hate it when ur walking and you slam your pinky toe on the couch

I broke my little toe that exact way last year, #56. Took forever to heal. Ugh!

Is anyone else a little bit annoyed at OP for the title? What, it's his fault for feeling pain? Girls bitch and moan about period pains like no tomorrow and he's a pussy for screaming when he stubbed his toe (and we have no indication of if it was broken or not)? Not sure you have a sound argument there. Using the "men have to be big, tough and not feel pain" stereotype will just make guys start to use the "women have to be weak, little and easily dominated" stereotype.

# 25 hahahahahahahahahahahaha and more ha

#99. I agree with the majority of your comment. However, you can't judge a period until you've had one.

It's not his fault it feels like Satan himself is unleashing his wrath on his stubbed toe.

I stubbed my toe and broke it 2 weeks ago. Turned out I had an Osteochondroma (benign giant cell tumor) best of luck op and ops boyfriend.

chickinblue 12

Stubbed toes are no joke OP, I don't know what is worse: stubbing your toe or stepping on a lego

Stubbing your toe while stepping on Lego?

oh God, I don't even want to think about that level of hell!

SirGmoney 9

legos, when ur running and you feel like ur foot fell off and run into a couch and stub ur toe

Michael2687 9

Stubbing your toe on the corner of a lego

\ 28

A bumped shin, a stubbed toe. How many black cats crossed your path these last few days?

i agree with your user name you are in fact dating pussy. only to be fair pussy's are rather tough perhaps you are dating balls as those are very weak.

sbharani96 4

Yeah. Smash a pussy, and it's pleasure. Smash balls, and it's a fate worse than death.

you have forgotten what smashes against the pussy... The balls

Stomp on his other toe and he'll completely forget about his stubbed toe.

you know what someone sounds like being murdered with a rusty forK?!?!

Will you people never learn? You don't ask. You never ask. Ever. Because if you do... You'll. Be. Next. *walks away dramatically*

*light fades out and curtains are drawn*