By toni405 - 21/07/2011 21:24 - United States

Today, after watching Insidious, my boyfriend thought it would be funny to scare me while I was on the toilet. I was in mid-piss when he jumped out at me, and I ran screaming and peeing down the hall. FML
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Look's like he scared you pissless.

KattAlex 4

I can't stop laughing at the picture that this put in my head.


Tristyxxx 24

damn D: lol fyl

I wonder what that movie did to other people.

that must have been a sight to see.

I'm trying to imagine the layout of this person's bathroom where they could run away from the person doing the scaring and still be able to get out. Does this bathroom have two doors?

A trap door, perhaps? For when things get too shitty.


wow, he scared the piss out of you

kaylaaa1312 3

I'm watching that movie right now with my boyfriend! D:

McFail_fml 4

Homemade Slip-n-Slide!

Damn beat me to it

sneek_fml 1

hahaha he sounds like a funny mother ****** hahaha

sounds like a personal problem

I like how number 2s pic is Courage the Cowardly Dog, how fitting for this FML

2ndSucks 15

Lmao, I just watched insidious last night. This fml needs a video to go with it cause it sounds hysterical.

enonymous 8

This is why I have a piss boy that follows me around everywhere I go with a bucket.

Whenever I watch a scary movie, I'm usually paranoid a few days after, but Insidious was especially bad. It was a good movie though.

_imipurpleninja_ 0

my bad i mossread you said they dont JUST i thought you said they dont. sorry lol

I like the part of the movie where they were playing the tiptoe to the window song and the demon was trying out the lady's clothes

choose8 0

They may have hid in the shower.ln my bathroom that would work perfect because the toilets next to the shower. Hopefully my little siblings dont get any ideas xD

choose8 0

They may have hid in the shower.ln my bathroom that would work perfect because the toilets next to the shower. Hopefully my little siblings dont get any ideas xD

Maybe he was in the shower...

Was he dressed like the 'darth maul'ish demon?

Tristyxxx 24

haha my pic does go this FML :) exactly what I was thinking though with the dude in the shower.

haha I watched this with my boyfriend. to make matters worse he had watched it before so he laughed whenever I jumped to it. plus his name was Josh lol

HowAreYouToday 34


Tristyxxx 24

love it

HowAreYouToday 34

How dare you love "it"?! He's mine, you jerk!

HowAreYouToday 34

mine? or courage the cowardly dog's?

HowAreYouToday 34


HowAreYouToday 34

dude! enough with the "shit" jokes! NOT COOL!

My friends bathroom has two doors in her bathroom. One leading to her room, and one heading to the hallway. He could have been hiding in the shower though D:

ImFrackinBored 13

should've aimed at him

Pretty_Pink_Lady 10

Why does everyone think this movie was scary? There was too much hype. "Scariest movie ever." What a joke. I really enjoyed the part when that little ghost boy was doing a jig though; that was the only good part in the movie. Oh, and I liked the cute baby...

Better not use the toilet anytime soon.

darseidia 0


278. I'm pretty sure it's not the easiest thing in the world to aim your vaginal excretions at someone.

HowAreYouToday 34

umm... that's a nice thing to think about o_O

MrFlintstone 5

(boyfriend in the shower) minute 1: this is gonna be some funny shit minute 10: kinda gettin bored in here minute 15: dammit take a piss all ready

LittleMissOopsy 0

when I saw this movie there was a man who started crying. I got a lot of weird looks for laughing during the whole thing (I thought the movie was adorable) but one of my friends was crying by the end of it and beat me up with her bag for being "so insane" that I thought it was a funny movie

yes, it wasn't that scary

yea it's more suspenseful than scary but some parts are scary

This is the only FML that has actually made me laugh out loud! [can't say lol, because tha has literally no meaning nowadays!]

Look's like he scared you pissless.

Eiregal 7

what the hell is in your picture?

-41 My God, Lord and Savior. The reincarnation of Mr. Grinch. If you want to talk message me I'll respond later.

if she was pissless there wouldnt have been a problem :p

-56 Well if you want to be literal, he did because she pissed out all of her urine.

41 - It's a baby blue ringed octopus:p

Jakaroo 0

it's a small/baby octopus on a thumb.

A sexy 'ol octopus.

Jakaroo 0

Uhhh.....yeah,sexy.Not weird at all.

-133 Trust me when you see his full power, you'll think he is

yazmi_09 3

I'd like to be, under the sea, in an octopuses garden, in the shade

Jakaroo 0


agaba 0


futtbuck101 1

well that's a shitty situ- oh wait..

HowAreYouToday 34


iLoveBoobies21 0

86- captain obvious strikes again!

You said it wrong. It's supposed to be Scared the piss out of her

I rate your comment one thumb-up-with-a-tiny-octopus!!

-319 Just shut up, I didn't say it wrong.

at least he didn't scare the sh*t outta you..

ImFrackinBored 13

I'd be pissed...

i dont kno how her boyfriend couldve scared her. insidious was hilarious. especially the end.

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no what a wet situation

Awesome_Guy2468 0

she peed retard


you missed it by a mile just don't try to reply.

-4 I heard flockz shit his pants again.

It's actually a very pissy situation

everyone should just stop saying "shitty situation" altogether it's not funny anymore

I think it's still hilarious.

I didn't, I said that's a wet situation ..

I didn't, I said that's a wet situation ..

110 - not you, i meant the commenter

96- you sir are wrong. it wasn't funny ever.

39- only by about half an inch actually

HowAreYouToday 34

how about we just agree that it could have been diarrhea?

It's bad enough that people waaayyy overuse that when the FML actually deals with shit. Using it on an FML that doesn't include shit in it just makes it ten times worse. There should be a ban on even using that phrase.

HowAreYouToday 34

Bravo, Mr. NoSenseOfHumor! Bravo!

NaranjaLime 1

Don't you mean PISSY situation?

Hey, ever think it wasn't supposed to be a pun? No? Didn't think so.

skinnybinnybitch 0

who cares what he says?

TheFamilyGuy 0

Atleast she can't say he's never made her wet before >_>

mynameis1339 0

Yeah, Seems like OP had the door open while she was peeing

For what it's worth, I think he was right.

same xDDD she prolly left a trail of pee, if it had been a monster it woulda followed the trail and bitten her head :3

KattAlex 4

I can't stop laughing at the picture that this put in my head.

SydneyG 0

^^^^ lmfao me too!!

i picture her running like docor zoidberg haha

Glitterhinoceros 14

Don't act like you wouldn't do the same.

I imagine her waddling with her pants around her ankles xD

haha sooo true. I'm adding this to my favorites for when I need a laugh haha

well punching the scary things Is for brave people, MY instinct is to drop into the fettle position and rock back and forth with my eyes closed

That is a scary movie that little bastard and his freaky ass song haunt me in my dreams.

yomommma 6

Loved It.

Really I thought it was a comedy about a kid going through puberty, seemed accurate.

meeeeee too.... the singing in the window... the worst

Lol, I watched this with my 10 year old brother and he was terrified. Being the terrific person I am, while he was asleep I went outside his room, played tip toe through the tulips and started dancing. His face was priceless(:

The end gave me nightmares for days, I'm still scared of taking pictures of myself.

The end gave me nightmares for days, I'm still scared of taking pictures of myself.

98: that's so mean!! a 10 year old shouldnt've watched that movie.

the tip toe song lol

My 13 y/o sister watched it and told me it wasn't scary so =/

121: I 100% agree, but there's not much you can do about it when the annoying little shit won't leave your room because he wants to watch it so bad. His own fault, he's gotta learn sometime.

rebekahah 7

lol I loved that movie! My friends were like freaking out, but I just kinda sat there like "meh"

That must have been fun to clean up.

OakChair 14

(S)he should make HIM clean it up. Not her fault she was scared ... pee-less? ... enough to go running down the hall mid-peeing.

24- that's exactly what I was thinking!

Ballerinagirl_77 0

Best fml EVER!!!!!! the mental image for this just About made me pee down a hallway laughing haha

Chicka91961 0

agreed lol

Heliol 8

I had to favorite it because it was just too hilarious.