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Today, I rented a copy How To Train Your Dragon for my young son to watch. I put the DVD in, hit play without paying attention, and went off to make lunch. A few minutes later, my son ran into the kitchen screaming. Apparently, there was a mix up at the rental store and I got a copy of Saw IV. FML
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ilovepandaz 2

your son's gonna have nightmares

perez758 2

well that was stupid of you to not even look at what you put in the dvd player.. what if it had been ****? lmao your son probably wouldn't have even told you!


ilovepandaz 2

your son's gonna have nightmares

IndianForLife 0

Show your kid some Kama Sutra. He won't scream.

That cow is scarier than Saw. However, I can't recall a DVD that plays just by throwing in the disc and hitting play. There's always a menu to go through.

Good point Zitho. So OP, you're either lying actually renting the DVD, and pirated a menuless copy or, this whole fml is a lie. lol

wow who rents movies anymore!? YTDI, use iTunes you dinosaur..

iTunes? Man, that sucks that you're forced to use that crappy bloatware.

YDI for keeping television as a babysitter...

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I watched How To Train Your Dragon today. I love that movie. My favorite.

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1) There's always a menu to go through if it's not pirated. 2) I understand that parenthood is tiring by itself, not to mention the 541694752 other things you have to accomplish in a day, but you really should pay attention to what you're putting in for your kid to watch. The Saw IV disc has a decapitated head on it with Saw IV in HUGE letters. I'm calling BS on this FML

Acousticpixie14 6

Actually, I replied to #31...I think it was #31 anyways. I did read your comment, Chaos. however, I figured someone so oblivious to a print on a disc would probably lack the necessary skills to program their player to bypass the menu. Maybe you should not be so emotionally invested in your comments. You're getting all irritated by me ignoring your comment and filling up the page with your garbage :P

Acousticpixie14 6

You stated that it was possible that she didn't need to press "play" from the menu. And no, actually I restated what #31 said for the purpose of re-emphasizing the statement and then added my own statement about why the FML seemed fishy. Does that make sense to you now, or do you need even further explanation?

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77, just because the op didn't pay attention to the disc print or whatever its called doesn't mean he doesn't have skills to program his player. programing your player does not need the skill of quickly noticing pictures. and i agree with chaos u just repeated what those two people already said making your comment garbage and/or uneccesary

Acousticpixie14 6

It's entirely possible that I missed it, and if so, please point out who said it, but I saw no one mention the disk print before me. And who cares if multiple people say the same thing in their own way? Some people have clever and funnier ways to repeat the same thing. And why would some read 100+ comments to make sure that no one else said what they are about to say? If you do not want to read repeated comments, then don't read the comments. That seems logical to me.

96: Actually when you go and rent movies now most of them don't have pictures printed on the disks. They are simply silver with the title written in small letters on the inside rim area. Basically if OP didn't read that, which most people wouldn't then it makes sense that they didn't notice it was not the right movie.

actually to all non blue ray ppl blue ray discs start up with no menu so we can all get along with our pathetic lives now :P

actually to all non blue ray ppl blu ray discs start up with no menu

Only Warner Bros movies have no menu, Tex. Nice try though.

And it's Blu Ray, my God. You are given fantastic technology that uses a laser that goes dozens of layers deep, and you can't name the disc type?!?!

Isn't it possible for his son to just have been curious and pressed play? Even while seeing the title screen? If there was one.....

that's what I was thinking. but usually I would notice what disk I was putting in the DVD player...

doctor_itsmylife 3

you totally deserve it for not paying attention. but saw 4 is definitely much better than how to train your dragon to go potty. your son will thank u later

Acousticpixie14 6

#104 I work in a movie store and although there are many with no print on them, I know for a fact that Saw IV does. As I stated earlier, Saw IV has a decapitated head on a scale with huge letters stating "Saw IV" on it. This definitely wasn't a case of a silver disc, it's just being neglectful.

spade1997 0

133 can't you just skip the menu with the chapter skip button? I do it all the time


accually some dvd stores have their own legal copies of the movie therefore no picture on front or menu

haquai 0

109 cool clown makeup! Is that picture from 1995 and do you reside in a trailer?

Acousticpixie14 6

Who told you that? If it does not have a print AND does not have a menu, I am inclined to think that it is not legal.

ILoveYourDespair 0

umm. don't DVDs have like menu that display the movie title usually with crazy sounds and clips playing on a loop in the background. how did she miss that?

perez758 2

well that was stupid of you to not even look at what you put in the dvd player.. what if it had been ****? lmao your son probably wouldn't have even told you!

RedPillSucks 31

I'm not sure which would be worse, a potential future sexual deviant, or serial killer.

MrsxBillxKaulitz 5

at first I thought this FML was gonna end in it being ****. O_o

Ninjasaurus18 9

I seriously doubt that OP is going to inspect the disk before watching it. However: I would like to know how he managed to not look at the disk long enough to not notice 'Saw IV' on it. Unless it was one of those stores that give you a disk that's almost empty, except for a little bit f fine print around the inside edge.

Didn't you notice from the dvd menu ?...

How do u know he didnt rent a bootleg cam rip version of it?

pirated ones don't. some non Blu rays dont. or maybe the kid pressed play?

Well, the dvd being rented, I doubt it was a pirate version (but I guess it's possible). And why call a Blu-ray a DVD ? In any case, I don't think it will **** up the kid. He may have a few nightmares, but appart from that, I don't thing any major mental damage was done here (who here never tried to see a "horror movie" as a young kid, even if it was forbidden by the parents ? :P)

well my DVD play automatically starts the movies and skips the menu.

Actually some dvds have auto play where they totally go past the menu and start automatically. Also maybe it was the menu screen that scared him

That's pretty messed up. F your son's life.

mintcar 9

Eh, he'll get over it. How do you train dragons? I would very much like to know. :/

Read the books or watch the movie and you'll find out