By Broly171 - 01/10/2009 19:46 - United States

Today, I lent my parents a copy of "The Dark Knight", saying it was one of my favorite movies so they needed to watch it. A bit later my mom called... Apparently my roommate wanted to watch it as well, but couldn't find the case to his porno and decided to just use the Batman case instead. FML
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theMIGHTYduck 0

way to check the case ;)

That surely made your father's pencil.. appear, didn't it?


hahha stupid roommate!

Zhejan 0

That's a "dark night" if you know what I mean

blacky10gir 0

The moral to this story, never judge the disc by its cover or else you might give **** to your parents.

theMIGHTYduck 0

way to check the case ;)

That surely made your father's pencil.. appear, didn't it?

the_stereotype 0

why so serious?

Was it about 7 minutes later? That's the average amount of time people watch hotel **** until it has served its purpose. Shame on your dad for not letting your mom get off some more big O's. He needs to learn a little about control.

Lol, plexico...

Your roommate be Robin' your parents of some Batman. Wow. I should probably get my head checked for this.

Don't you frown at me! And here I was, going to invite you to my FML sleepover.

FML sleepover? :o But I thought we had one of those every night... Popping kernels and buttering corn ring a bell to you?

Popping caps and buttering your mom, what? Oh sorry. Don't listen to them, by "sleepover" they mean "be our prisoner and live in the basement....over". I got dibs on the movie picking!

It's warmer in the basement... -Gets iPod- Missy, remember last time you got to pick the movies? Those stains on the carpet are still there. And I had to buy a new bed.

You're no fun! PG13 is for looooooooosers! I live in a basement and it's cold as ****. Also, now the carpet matches the drapes.

This one is such bullshit. There are variations of this all over the internet. However, in the case that it IS true, let's hope Daddy was still able to make his pencil disappear somewhere.

Shame on you Alan! I was actually planning to replace all the movies with **** just to trip up my parents. And I prefer to say garter snake over pencil. Brown chicken, brown cow?

You mean like "Four Getting Sarah Marshall"?

Tsss... stealing my joke. Hehehe.

You make me want to kill babies, Mode.

...and **** 'em afterwards?

That's something I would always encourage. It seems I have finally found my first follower.

I wouldn't encourage that too much. There'll be times when your crimes seem almost unforgivable. And this time is one of them. Don't give in to sin.

Well yeah, I am just into strange love like that, you know?

I guess you give it again and again, hoping that they'll return it.

Yeah, still in the process of giving, the returning doesn't seem to work that well yet, I am afraid. Pedo-Necrophilia seems like a non-reciprocal affair sadly. But well, I have to make this live liveable, I will make it worthwhile for them, as long as they make my heart smile:)

not even close to being funny

AHAHAHA that's too great. I don't care how often this happens, because god help us all it does happen, it's hilarious every time.

Was it back door ***** 9

olisykes_ 0

M-my pre-ci-ous.

fxdxhk90 0

And when your roomate tried to watch **** he got Lord of the Rings instead, right?