By CPD - 15/10/2011 04:12 - Canada

Today, I made a half-hour bike ride to the movie store, only to realize I'd forgotten my money. I made the ride back home, grabbed my money, went back to the store, paid, then made a second ride home. I got home exhausted, and opened the case. They gave me the wrong movie. FML
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And this is why you steal movies from the internet

Did anybody tell you you lost momentum as you went uphill exhausted?


try to make the wrong movie worth your past 4 and a half hour, lol

YourEvilHero 12

hey my mommy drove me to the movie store today.

5 cool story bro, tell that at a party sometime.

robertperson 0

I bet you thought that movie you rented was the movie you wanted Nope! Just Chuck Testa.

Ok. Can someone please explain what the hell the "Chuck Testa" stuff is for I live in an internet cave.

I take like two hour long mountain bike rides all the time. Don't be a pussy.

29, I think I've seen you around. You're the one with the pink ribbons on the handlebars and the basket at the front, right?

Alwayspullout 7

I only came up with 2 hours..??

Movie stores still exist? Get with the program...

45 you forgot to add bright yellow jumpsuit

This could have easily been avoided by checking shit before you go somewhere... Either that or get a car, or download stuff off the Internet, or watching shit on TV!! Suck it up lazy!!

81 if he's willing to bike for two hours is that considered lazy?

Somebody get OP some water...and wsjoop1119 a calculator.

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*2 hours Unless he went back to fix it. Then 3

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Challenge accepted... ...close enough

I haven't rented a movie In a long time. Netflix is pretty sweet

well i hope for OP's sake it was a good movie,

You definitely put this on yourself by forgetting your money in the first place. You are a moron and must accept the consequences, which in this case was- EXERCISING! OH NOOOOOOO!

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Your picture made the oh no in your comment soooooo much funnier.

No, he put it on himself by deciding to bike an hour just for a movie.

jellyshoes11 4

Ha, exactly what I was thinking! Be proud of yourself you're in good enough shape to rides our bike that long :) Do that at least two times a week you'll be a beast! Sucks you got the wrong movie, I hope was still good.

Did anybody tell you you lost momentum as you went uphill exhausted?

And this is why you steal movies from the internet

BellaBelle_fml 23

OP should have also checked that they had their wallet before they left for the store in the first place.

Let's just say they need a lot of ribbons after their finger. :)

Yeah because no one has ever left the house without forgetting their wallet or left the store with something mixed up.

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Who needs a hug? And probably a shower?