By CPD - Canada
Today, I made a half-hour bike ride to the movie store, only to realize I'd forgotten my money. I made the ride back home, grabbed my money, went back to the store, paid, then made a second ride home. I got home exhausted, and opened the case. They gave me the wrong movie. FML
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  hinchkongfang  |  0

This could have easily been avoided by checking shit before you go somewhere... Either that or get a car, or download stuff off the Internet, or watching shit on TV!! Suck it up lazy!!

By  Person1233  |  12

You definitely put this on yourself by forgetting your money in the first place. You are a moron and must accept the consequences, which in this case was- EXERCISING! OH NOOOOOOO!

  jellyshoes11  |  4

Ha, exactly what I was thinking! Be proud of yourself you're in good enough shape to rides our bike that long :)
Do that at least two times a week you'll be a beast!
Sucks you got the wrong movie, I hope was still good.