By Anonymous - 22/11/2010 02:51 - United States

Today, I woke up to find that my cat had knocked over a $35 can of powdered baby formula, and there were TWO different colonies of ants warring over the bounty all over the counter. FML
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DudeImBetter 0

All you need now is a colony of acid-shooting termites to kill off all the ants except for one of coarse and you should name him Z.



pwincessa23 1

Lol#1. op, I feel si bad for u but mainly the baby. hope it gets breast fed.

I also feel SI bad for OP

I hope the american ants beat the afghan ants and take their baby formula even though it's on their side of the house.

GamerCon 0

That was funny.

DarkHelmet 10

LMAO that's an epic win for #1

carcinogan 0

lmao I love this comment

KaleidoscopePope 0

1 lmaooo

MaximilianMarche 0

haha. great comment

And it was left open because??

Usually when you knock something over with a lid like that it pops off, like hot chocolate or a paint tin that's embarrassing in a shop.

ThoraxeTheImpale_fml 0

Impaling* stupid auto check.-_-

ThoraxeTheImpale_fml 0

WTF? it's commenting on random fmls and comments.

tellmeastoryplz4 0

yeah good point #3

reyesspindi 0

breastfeed dumbass.

your a reason y condoms should be used! prick

also called comp talk too

monnanon 13

Yeah not everyone can breastfeed. Women don't always make enough milk and sometimes they make none. Don't be an ass

And a lot of women both breast feed and give formula.

Chicster, don't blame your inability to comprehend "your" versus "you're" on so-called "comp talk." It's either laziness or ignorance...or a typo, but I am disinclined to believe that one. And if you would bother to read the rules, your "comp talk" is forbidden. Just like the lambada.

go harass other people who have way worse grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes,who actually butcher the English language... boy,you must not have a life if you can sit there all day and bug people about spelling's not's fml for fuck's not a job either...whatever.... geez get a real job or actual comment about something worthwhile..

omgYoUbasTards 0

feed your baby the cat now...problem solved :-D

if op is asain, then that's racist!!!!

ThoraxeTheImpale_fml 0

cat on in implaing stick anyone? implaning stick?

I think he/she meant impaling. :)

should feed the cat you

Awww, cats are so cute!

Omg I hate ants :O

:O Nooooooooo!!! Ants are awesome!!!

OMG, I hate OMG!

frankq555 3

n they hate u 2

if it wasn't for ants you wouldn't be here

DudeImBetter 0

All you need now is a colony of acid-shooting termites to kill off all the ants except for one of coarse and you should name him Z.

I haven't seen that movie in so long!

Start naming the cockroaches who come into your room every night and THEN talk!

Bcaw 0

I'm gonna name this one barrack...

How do you not notice beforehand that there's not one, but two ant colonies in your house?

u need to call the rebel any colony that is hiding in ur basement n pay them 500 crumbs n they will take care of business