By burnedboy - 18/1/2010 19:39 - United States
Today, I saw Avatar in iMax 3D. Towards the end of the movie I jump, yelled, and spilled my drink all over the people in front of me because I thought a burning piece of ash landed on my leg. FML
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  humorizer  |  14

That's stupid. The movie wasn't even realistic; it just provided some slight depth to the background, nothing 'in your face' occurred. It seemed like you were watching an aquarium. Distant, yet had depth.

  legit321  |  0

near the middle of the movie, theres some burning ashes floating around..and to be honest it did look like it was going to land on you..but obviously it wont, so i dont blame him


  brianjman14  |  22

nah man, sorry, i got there, when i got there, it was already at 0 agreed and 0 deserved. i got the 1st deserved and first comment, and it's back. sorry man