By burnedboy - 18/01/2010 19:39 - United States

Today, I saw Avatar in iMax 3D. Towards the end of the movie I jump, yelled, and spilled my drink all over the people in front of me because I thought a burning piece of ash landed on my leg. FML
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sounds fake lol the 3D wasn't that realistic


That's stupid. The movie wasn't even realistic; it just provided some slight depth to the background, nothing 'in your face' occurred. It seemed like you were watching an aquarium. Distant, yet had depth.

"Today, I saw Avatar..." = automatic YDI!

wtf is wrong with avatar?? your a fucking idiot

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OP spelled Imax wrong

No he didn't...

near the middle of the movie, theres some burning ashes floating around..and to be honest it did look like it was going to land on you..but obviously it wont, so i dont blame him EPIC MOVIE BEST MOVIE EVER

I actually thought it was a bug flying by for a second, my dad did too and started swatting at them. lol

I screamed. LOUD. and then everyone burst out laughing in the theater... =D

sounds fake lol the 3D wasn't that realistic

I agree.. the movie was 3D, but it wasn't come-out-at-you 3D.....

You obviously didn't see it in IMAX 3D. It was epic!

Wasn't that good

How? Just how? wait, nvm lol

wtf happened to my comment? lol

nah man, sorry, i got there, when i got there, it was already at 0 agreed and 0 deserved. i got the 1st deserved and first comment, and it's back. sorry man

Shut up, or go home, asswhole. ) :

are you replying to yourself

YDI for forgetting it was a movie.

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