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Hey now.
I've been cutting hair since I was 12.
Provided, I never cut anyone else's but my own until I was 16, I still have been cutting hair for a while without any training.
All it takes is some common sense and a basic knowledge of geometry and physics.
Now, I'm getting licensed, sure, but not all women suck at cutting hair.

OP, you should have had some proof of her abilities before you let her touch your hair. At least you're a guy, so your hair is probably relatively short and should be back to normal soon.

I'm still debating whether this is an FML or a's in the middle for me...

  felipe87  |  2

it's just a hair cut, your a guy so you can shave your head. you took the risk knowing she was not a pro. now she will probably have a one night stand during the break and BAM you will get herpes.

  Nitrogenica  |  6

"and a basic knowledge of Geometry and physics."

When exactly did maths and science become prerequisites for hairdressing? Any idiot can be a hairdresser. If OP's girlfriend messed it up, then unless she has some kind of malfunction, it was either deliberate or a physical mistake (like a hand twitch or errant flick of the hand) made at the wrong time.

  H3ALTHFR3AK  |  0

20, your response was ridiculous. Thank you for giving me something to lmao to.

"geometry and physics" hmmm...either your haircuts are fascinating or your screwing hair up trying to incorporate soh-cah-toa

  Kenetic  |  0

Way to make an ass of yourself pwincess. You obviously did NOT read it right. He was replying to another poster who said that it "takes basic knowledge of physics and geometry" and then he went on to say that it takes no skill to cut hair. Learn reading comprehension before you degrade your existence more.

  emmanizzer  |  6

uh nope. i'm pretty sure he was replying to her.
don't worry 20, i understand what you mean.
OP sounds to me like an excuse to get with another guy. really? on a break until your hair grows back? right.


#20, i dont mind women cutting my hair, just as long as i know their actualy certified. its almost like wanting a certified doctor when you have an emergency, but not quite so important haha

  perdix  |  29

Because when girls beg guys for things, we usually cave. We think it will get us sex. Kinda backfired in this case, I guess, but then again, this strategy has a pretty high failure rate.

By  mrahhhhh  |  21

This gives you an excuse to shave your head. Good for you, must people don't get such a good one to use against jackasses making fun of you. And the next best excuse involves lice, so good for you! :)

Unless you spent years growing out your hair (say, to Marty Friedman status as I planned to do). Then definite FYL.

By  White_Fury  |  0

Sounds like an excuse to break up. You are better off without a girl like that OP, if they can't talk about things an express themselves, it is almost impossible to date them.

We can't always know everything ladies. But we do our best :)

  BritishHobo  |  0

This. Like she had a reason ('I'm a whore and want to fuck four other men at the same time.') but was too much of a cowardly bitch to own up, so she cut your hair and used that bullshit reason.

On that note, my girlfriend keeps telling me she wants to cut my hair.