By Anonymous - / Friday 8 January 2010 16:32 / United States
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  Reyo  |  2

Haha. What's funny about this FML is the OP is bitching about her husband thinking that he knows how she felt when giving birth to twins...when the OP doesn't know how her husband felt while taking the shit he said was like giving birth.

She's saying that he can't possibly know how she felt when SHE has no idea how HE felt either.

Isn't that high-larious?


#165 Try not to take everything you read on here so seriously. :)
I'm not exactly going to talk about how it's scientifically impossible to squeeze a baby out your anus :P

  tx_beast  |  5

#165 before you talk about vaginas tearing during birth consider this... In 90% of shits I take after eating mexican food or chile, my ass tears, and is on fire. I'm sure that should be considered greater or equal pain than birth.

  Monstrous  |  0

Is the anus supposed to stretch? The vagina is. And who are you to say the comparitive sizes of a dump and a babies head. For all you know it probably was :)


you should flip on the discovery channel once in a while :P
i saw a documentary on pain once, basically a kick in the nuts is the most painful thing a human can experience.

that said, giving birth is worse because it lasts longer...

  ptpete25  |  0

No, getting punched in the boob does not hurt nearly as much. Pain from the balls is necessary because we can become sterile if we're hit hard enough, it painful so that we protect our balls with our life. No one became sterile from getting punched in the boob. It's retarded when women say something like that.

I believe this man OP, in fact, I would say that he went through more trauma than you did and you should respect that.

  Boygenius50  |  8

While it may be true that getting punched in the boob hurts as much(though I doubt that) at what point in you life will anyone actually do that to you? I've read many FMLs about, and experienced many time myself, getting hit in the balls. Never have I heard of a girl getting intentionally hit in the boob.

  rawr_93  |  0

I heard once that the amount of pain receptors that fire while giving birth is equivalent to the number of pain receptors that would fire if you had a limb torn off without anesthesia.

  Reyo  |  2

The ability to procreate is more important than the ability to produce milk. It's not like a woman's ability to reproduce is poofed the second she's unable to make milk.


  janise  |  2

no documentary ever said that. If it was truly the most painful thing anyone could experience men wouldn't be able to recover from it so quickly.

  janise  |  2

@ptpete25 That makes no sense at all. How is getting hit in the testicles more painful just b/c it can cause sterilization. Women are considered sterile if they don't release any eggs but do they experience incredible pain just because they're sterile. NO. Sterilization has nothing to do with how painful something is.

  corme_fml  |  0

Getting kicked in the balls is definatly not the most painful thing ever. Ever had your eardrum fscked up? That's a hundred times worse. And I'm sure there are several other things worse.

  saucyjade  |  0

we DO get intentionally hit in the boobs. it's the female equivalent of a bangcock and it's called tittypunch. it's not nearly as painful as getting kicked in the vag.
regardless, the OP's husband is an idiot and a douche, because women DO shit (contrary to popular belief) so those that pop babies out can definitely compare shitting and childbirth.

  LeverPuller  |  5

Just to put in my two cents, there are more pain receptors on a females clitoris than on a males testicles.
Therefore, a VERY well-aimed clit-kick is more painful than a swift kick to the ball-bearers.
Not that anyone would have a foot small enough to hit directly into a clitoris, though.
And not that this has any relevance to the FML in question.
Oh well!

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