By Ali - 4/10/2020 23:02

Gas wars

Today, my boyfriend came over for the first time and we were alone. He was being super romantic and snuggling with me, and then out of nowhere he let out the biggest fart I've ever heard. He then explained how I should try to compete with it. FML
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  Chandl3r  |  9

Mate, get a grip. Believe me or not, what he did was a sign of showing they're comfortable around the person and they're a bit of a jokester which is a real big plus.

  Chandl3r  |  9

I mean it really depends on the person and the timing. Some people are actually raised to believe that burping, farting, licking bowls, chewing with their mouth open (That would be what happened to me) and other things are disgusting and they can't ever get it out of their head that it's bad. I can't stand people chewing with their mouth open, I can barely stand slurping, and I LOVE TO LICK THE BOWL!!!