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Sandals + hiking = no. And now you have learned.

YDI for going hiking in sandals. They have hiking boots for a reason.


Sandals + hiking = no. And now you have learned.

That is why you should always rock the socks-n-sandals look :)

I've never known a sock to stop a thorn. If anything it helps hold the sharp object in place for maximum pain.

Hiking boots aren't just for looks...

Well I just saw sandals while hiking and automatically thought... "YOU DESERVE IT"

Well.. That must have put a thorn in your ego.

That cactus is such a prick :D

#60 - Cool story, tell it again.

if the op can only wear sandals then they shouldn't be hiking. I can't stand regular shoes either but you don't see me running around in the snow with a parka and flip flops.

"hiking.....with sandals." Really... YDI

There is this thing called a brain. Yea, it's used to make smart decisions. Apparently OP and #60 don't know how to use it. 60 - if shoes bother you, then you need to try more types of shoes, maybe a different size.

I mean it really depends on where and how intense of a hike it is. There are plenty of sandals made for light hiking like chacos or keens. Considering OP was hiking in an area with cacti that have 3inch thorns, they definitely deserved this for wearing sandals.

No biggie, take it like a man!

what if one of the thorns stabbed under his toenail

Don't understand how you thought those could mix OP

*wince* Aw, what the fuck man? Thanks for that image!

74, omg that's exactly what I imagined and my toes curled. Nasty!

YDI for going hiking in sandals. They have hiking boots for a reason.

Maybe he was wearing his special hiking sandals

Or even sneakers.

The Tarahumara people of Mexico can run 70-90 in just under a day, only wearing sandals or barefoot.

You deserve it.. Not for the pain but as a reminder to think before u do stuff mean.. Hiking with sandals.. It shows u're not thinking about important stuff like what u are up against

Well that sounds spiketacular xD

Well I felt like putting xD at the end

7 We could have done without your buzzkill comment.

One word ... OUCH !

Ouch isn't really a word, it's just something kids say so... You're wrong. :P

1. Ouch is totally a word. 2. You're 16, you can't say "kid". 3. I felt I needed a 3rd point.

^ So true, I'm 16 also & still consider myself a kid. ;b

If ouch wasn't a word, then there wouldn't be a way to spell it. So ouch is a word.

Yeah being a grow up sucks :P

Hiking without hiking boots is like playing football without any gear. It's just stupid. YDI.

Unless ur playing rugby

Yup which is why no one mentioned rugby

At least it's just a stubbed toe. U could have stubbed your toe, trip n fell with the added bonus of 3inch thorns in ur abdomen.

I read to the comma and clicked ydi. Hiking and sandals don't mix.

I used to live in Arizona.. And when we went hiking, opened toed shoes were NOT an option.. YDI and FYL cause I know from my childhood experiences, that HURTS