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Today, after years of waiting, my mom and I finally received a check from Child Support Services. Excited, I opened it up to find a check from my dad, written out for 45 cents. Which pays for maybe half a loaf of bread. FML
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  stephanie0613  |  0

I agree the OP never said he was poor, who wouldnt want to recieve money from a parent that's supposed to be in your life but isn't . FYL op for having a cheap asshole as a fatherr.

  wisericky  |  12

op dad is prob put of a job (im pretty sure child sup. is based on how much u make) and op & mom are porb doing better than papa bear seeing as shes on the im a side with the dad. but what do i know im just a starfish =D

  TheDrifter  |  23

everyone seems to be missing the part that says the envelope was from child support services... if you get your child support through them they're garnishing his wage. therefore your 45 cents is half of what your father made above the poverty exemption for the month OP. chances are you're better off without him and that he's happier without your mother.

  ismellrealbad  |  0

Hahahaha, I'm sry but tht is 100% ur fault, cause ur mom, if she's in good condition, could work hard to get a better job. 99% of the time poor people are lazy people. God bless and hope you guys turn out good

  amiemariej  |  0

you don't know this family or the circumstances. if the check came from CSS then the dad didn't even write the check himself, it came out of his paycheck. maybe he's struggling himself which is why he isn't even in the picture.

  Ohnocurly  |  0

Ok, let's take a minute and analyze this. An envelope came from CSS, but had a check from OP's father in it.... things aren't adding up right? Because someone didn't research how each of the different ways one can pay child support, work, before they came up with this fraudulent BS.

  shakethat  |  10

even if the check was from css and it came from his pay and he's struggling... do you think ops mom isn't struggling. I'm sure she is as a single parent. he should have thought about that before he went around making babies.