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Today, after years of waiting, my mom and I finally received a check from Child Support Services. Excited, I opened it up to find a check from my dad, written out for 45 cents. Which pays for maybe half a loaf of bread. FML
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Your dad is a worthless piece of trash. Count your blessings that you don't have a dead beat like that in your life.

ask your mom for 55 more cents and you can buy a whole chocolate bar


Does 45 cents even pay for bread anymore?

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Who said anything about OP being poor, 9?

I know. 9, maybe they are middle class and the dad struggles? or he are just massively cheap...

Well, either the dads poor, or he's doing it on purpose being a dick to annoy your mum.

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I agree the OP never said he was poor, who wouldnt want to recieve money from a parent that's supposed to be in your life but isn't . FYL op for having a cheap asshole as a fatherr.

op dad is prob put of a job (im pretty sure child sup. is based on how much u make) and op & mom are porb doing better than papa bear seeing as shes on the im a side with the dad. but what do i know im just a starfish =D

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take it or leave it you ungrateful bitch. :P that 45 cents more than you had before.

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Yes, I can see how expecting your father to support you is being ungrateful. Shut up, you twat.

actually you have to divide 50 by 2 50/2=25

The paper the check is made of, the envelope, and the postage cost more than the amount of that check. Pointless.

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everyone seems to be missing the part that says the envelope was from child support services... if you get your child support through them they're garnishing his wage. therefore your 45 cents is half of what your father made above the poverty exemption for the month OP. chances are you're better off without him and that he's happier without your mother.


you get what you get and you don't throw a fit(:

They're probably more rich than the dad in the first place.

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where are you from that a loaf of bread costs less that a dollar?

Hahahaha, I'm sry but tht is 100% ur fault, cause ur mom, if she's in good condition, could work hard to get a better job. 99% of the time poor people are lazy people. God bless and hope you guys turn out good

It is incredibly sad that this girl's child support check can't even buy her a freakin' gum-ball. ;(

Aren't gumballs twenty-five cents? Therefore if she found five cents she could buy two gumballs...

Definitely won't buy you a pack of trident layers!

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ya I'm pretty sure that gum balls are 25 cents not 50

It really depends on the size of the gumball.

ur sandwich pic is making me hungry get away from meee!!

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gee this guy just killed it lmao

argh...too many combobreakers in these FMLs! Or maybe I just notice them more than others bc I loved the videogame

I love Haiti AND collage (misspelled intentionally, you grammar Nazis)

you picture just distracted me from reading the comments. I love your boobs

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those boobs look like balloons sooooo round yum

ask your mom for 55 more cents and you can buy a whole chocolate bar

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That awkward moment when a lot of chocolate bars cost around 1.59/1.75 :(

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Your dad is a worthless piece of trash. Count your blessings that you don't have a dead beat like that in your life.

no, i wud never pay child support u worthless bitch

Wud? Nice one. If you think your own son or daughter would be a "worthless bitch" you have mental problems.

you don't know this family or the circumstances. if the check came from CSS then the dad didn't even write the check himself, it came out of his paycheck. maybe he's struggling himself which is why he isn't even in the picture.

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Ok, let's take a minute and analyze this. An envelope came from CSS, but had a check from OP's father in it.... things aren't adding up right? Because someone didn't research how each of the different ways one can pay child support, work, before they came up with this fraudulent BS.

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even if the check was from css and it came from his pay and he's struggling... do you think ops mom isn't struggling. I'm sure she is as a single parent. he should have thought about that before he went around making babies.

Takes two to make a baby, or so I'm told.

you can say that she isn't struggling... and ^^^ is right, she was apart in baby making too. in fact she could have chosen not to be a mom.

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He could've atleast given a little more,seeing that he's never been there for the kid probably never seen him/her.That's gotta hurt.FYL sorry OP.

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Not if the sperm hits the egg during lovemaking sweetie.

That wouldn't even pay for two items out of a quarter machine :(