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Today, I got into my car and it wouldn't start. I noticed I had left the lights on and assumed the battery was dead. Then, I couldn't get my key out of the ignition. So, I called AAA only to have the guy put my car in park and start the engine. FML
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If you got a manual, you wouldn't have had to have it in park and make yourself look stupid.

Agreed 48. Manual transmissions FTW. You can even get better gas mileage or faster acceleration depending on your shifting. No slush boxes in anything I'd buy.

OP, you auto know how to fix a problem like that. Gimme a break! However, I don't Acclaim to be an expert in puns. But I think that it's my Civic duty to let you know that I just can't a Ford to give you a Saab story. So i'll just give you a break and tell you this: If you drive a car into a tree, you'll see how a Mercedes bends.

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^Aha, very punny. Very punny indeed.

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56 - Agreed also. You forgot to put that it is more fun to drive, AND more safe because you focus on driving not anything else.

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One thing that blows my mind is when people buy sports cars and muscles car with an auto transmission. It just takes away the thrill of driving! You might as well drive a friggin prius, cuz you'll look like a tool either way

Not all manuals are idiot proof, mine for example requires the clutch pedal to be in before the engine will start... I can just imagine someone that didn't know this sitting there and panicking over it.

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Believe it or not, I have done the exact same thing. We can be derps together.

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106 - I never understood those people. 108 - pretty much all manual cars need to have the clutch depressed to start the car, if not it will do nothing. Remote starters dont count.

#111 maybe all modern ones perhaps, but everything I've driven before my current car was just turn the key and she started, so long as it wasn't parked in gear (then it would jump forward)

I've tried driving a manual, it didn't work so well, so I prefer automatics

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115 - Possibly I never driven a older manual only 98' and newer. 118 - it's really not hard if thats all you have give it 2-4 weeks and you will be driving Manuel no problem. When I learned I got so frustrated I wanted to sell my car and just get an auto. Gave it 2 more weeks, drive manual really well and it's a blast!

115 - very true! I drive a '67 chevy c20 pickup with a four speed, and back when those things were made they had juuuust figured out that the world wasn't flat. so there isn't too many idiot protection systems... out in the pasture and don't feel like working the clutch? drop her in first or second, hit the key and off she goes :)

Manuals of the old days lurched forward and did a number on the starter if you did not use the clutch, just about everyone that ever driven one has done this. :) also the new automatics are faster than the manuals, Porsche has all but done away with sticks. But if youre like me, it's not about that .5 second difference, it's about ripping the gears!

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Well, you see... A driving test usually consists of putting your seatbelt on, pretending to check mirrors, starting the engine and driving. They obviously did well. I'm uncertain as to how a car wasn't in park if The engine was off...

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You can turn the car off in neutral but you cannot take the keys out of the ignition.

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I see.... I guess I've never done that, so I wouldn't know. :)

OP got her "license" from a Cracker Jack box.

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How do u ask such stupid questions?

it happened to me when I was 15. I had a restricted license at went to lunch when I shouldn't have been driving. I got back and freaked out when I couldn't get the keys out. it took me a few minutes but I figured it out.

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Well, it's better than you to get upset figuring it out.

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Your one god damn troll and no I ******* love the world.

Ya'll needa settle down now. Just cook up some waffles n' pancakes and be friendly.

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Lol. It doesn't even matter, anymore.

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That's a here your sign, not a FML.. YDI anyway

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Some people's problems are greater to them then it'd be to other people.

It's happened to me before, I felt pretty stupid.

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I hear ya. It happened to me about a week after I got my license. I was freaking out because I thought I broke my car.

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Same! I was in a rush and freaked out when I couldn't turn the car off. All I had to do was put it in park.

LOL, when it happened to me I sat in the mall parking lot for 45 minutes, i also only had my license for about a week.

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Haha! I just called my dad, nearly in tears because he recently gave me the car, and he showed up, turned on the ignition, and put it in park. I felt stupid, but also quite relieved.

I would've done that, but I was at a mall that I was about 30 miles away, and I was not allowed to even go that far. Panicking for about an hour was my best solution.

I did that at a gas station. I burst into tears and called someone to come give me a jump. They pointed it out :P

I can understand someone doing something so dumb if they just recently got their license... but come on, if you've been driving for a long time, you should know your vehicle well enough not to do something this stupid.

I put in remote starters for a living and get calls like this all the time. People will remote start their car and then step on the brake (which shuts off the car) and get it in reverse without putting their key in. Then they can't start the car, and call us up all angry. We simply let them know that there is a short circuit between the headrest and the steering wheel.

I'm more one for locking my keys in my car. These days I've learnt how to break into it myself haha.

I recently had to help a woman in a parking lot that locked her keys in her car. the catch? the engine was still running...

The same thing happened to me too. I got it in 30 min. Lol.

Your comments always get thumbed down. Try putting more thought into them.

Let me think about it... No. I don't care what others think.

Besides, my comments usually have inside jokes or sarcasm( this one for example). I also get good ones in sometimes. As I'm told a blind squirrel finds a nut sometimes.

BTW, 96, what exactly do you mean by more thought? I speak my mind, basically.

O RLY??? Did you make yourself look like a fucktard and call the AAA because you couldnt start the engine on your bicycle?

Rotflmfao (rolling on the floor laughing my ******* ass off). You made my day, 103.

WTF. Why does everyone looking at this FML thumb me down? **** My Life.

when you say something as common as "roflmfao" you really don't have to explain what it means...