By Tree - 30/07/2010 11:34 - France

Today, my husband told me "The only reason I stay with you is because it's cheaper than paying child support." FML
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Why not leave him and get child support anyway

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aweeee I'm sorry OP FYL):


Fuckme19 0

aweeee I'm sorry OP FYL):

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Jerry springer episode right here!

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wow, what a douche bag. dump him and make him pay child support.

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Usually when your married you divorce. Not trying to be a troll.

do I sense a divorce coming?

Marrige is the leading cause of divorce, kids

And that's when you move out.

it's funny because he only uses u for money

thesunsetglow_fml 8

34, it's funny cause you don't have a life.

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Also, free cleaning + cooking!!!!

YDI for having kids.

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I'm sure that's just one of the reasons he stays even, though it's a damn good one.

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make him sleep on the couch >:D

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awww stfuuuuu you RACIST

ydi for being a French female

38 its funny cuz you have nothing else to do than tell pther people that they have no lives. some people mite like it when she does that :)

its funny cause he is wrong and child support is cheaper than women

That was funny.

guess whos paying child support now i guess? dumbass move on his part

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in Soviet Russia, child support you!

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your husband must be jewish

95- lesbo!!! ...I LIKE

95 - no one gives a shit

it's funny cause your a s1ut that's with him for money

lmfao, I love the "trends" in the comments. One person says some thing. Then another rewords it. It repeats until there is a nice list, where half of the comments are hilarious 

deserved for taking him in

u shud get a divorce

janelly16 7

are u sure he wasn't joking? cause I don't think he would say that and mean it, but then again idk him

She's 16 dude. pedo much?

oh, in that case... boner.

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Lmao 49.. and btw where's Lego???? his comments always make me laugh :D

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better than the dude that was talking about oral sex to a "hot" 13 year old. be careful, guys... makeup can add "legal" to a face lol

KiddNYC1O 20

well from what she's wearing, she's calling attention to pedos

60: Which one? :o Sadly, that's happened several times here. janelly's comment alone should tell you she's young, ya pedos.

not pedos... Most of the people here are minors :S Also, edit yo pic. You really don't need attention.. from the Internet, k?

124 what are you staring at? everytime I see your comment I wonder.....

it was prob in the middle of a huge fight

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better than nothing.

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Geez French men suck as husbands. Just keep a lover. But since it's too late for you, Op, time for a good marriage counselor? (make sure it's a woman)

Wow. I hope he's not serious at least..

How insensitive...come back with I only stay with you, because you're cheaper than a gigolo. LoL

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haha, nice

The difference being that you actually have sex with a gigolo.

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I agree and I'm a minor not a pedophile

Why not leave him and get child support anyway

go with that, op! :P

Are you sure he wasn't joking? If he really feels that way, then you need to have a lengthy talk about what you can do to help the situation.

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tell him you can divorce him and get child support, alimony, his car, the house, and his big screen tv.

mcrluverchick 9

haha win

Tell him "you forgot alimony" as you hand him divorce papers. Once the divorce is final, tell him "oh, and they weren't even yours anyway".