By Tree - 30/07/2010 11:34 - France

Today, my husband told me "The only reason I stay with you is because it's cheaper than paying child support." FML
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Why not leave him and get child support anyway

aweeee I'm sorry OP FYL):


aweeee I'm sorry OP FYL):

Jerry springer episode right here!

wow, what a douche bag. dump him and make him pay child support.

Usually when your married you divorce. Not trying to be a troll.

do I sense a divorce coming?

Marrige is the leading cause of divorce, kids

And that's when you move out.

it's funny because he only uses u for money

34, it's funny cause you don't have a life.

Also, free cleaning + cooking!!!!

YDI for having kids.

I'm sure that's just one of the reasons he stays even, though it's a damn good one.

make him sleep on the couch >:D

awww stfuuuuu you RACIST

ydi for being a French female

38 its funny cuz you have nothing else to do than tell pther people that they have no lives. some people mite like it when she does that :)

its funny cause he is wrong and child support is cheaper than women

That was funny.

guess whos paying child support now i guess? dumbass move on his part

in Soviet Russia, child support you!

your husband must be jewish

95- lesbo!!! ...I LIKE

95 - no one gives a shit

it's funny cause your a s1ut that's with him for money

lmfao, I love the "trends" in the comments. One person says some thing. Then another rewords it. It repeats until there is a nice list, where half of the comments are hilarious 

deserved for taking him in

u shud get a divorce

are u sure he wasn't joking? cause I don't think he would say that and mean it, but then again idk him

She's 16 dude. pedo much?

oh, in that case... boner.

Lmao 49.. and btw where's Lego???? his comments always make me laugh :D

better than the dude that was talking about oral sex to a "hot" 13 year old. be careful, guys... makeup can add "legal" to a face lol

well from what she's wearing, she's calling attention to pedos

60: Which one? :o Sadly, that's happened several times here. janelly's comment alone should tell you she's young, ya pedos.

not pedos... Most of the people here are minors :S Also, edit yo pic. You really don't need attention.. from the Internet, k?

124 what are you staring at? everytime I see your comment I wonder.....

it was prob in the middle of a huge fight

better than nothing.

Geez French men suck as husbands. Just keep a lover. But since it's too late for you, Op, time for a good marriage counselor? (make sure it's a woman)

Wow. I hope he's not serious at least..

How insensitive...come back with I only stay with you, because you're cheaper than a gigolo. LoL

The difference being that you actually have sex with a gigolo.

I agree and I'm a minor not a pedophile

Why not leave him and get child support anyway

go with that, op! :P

Are you sure he wasn't joking? If he really feels that way, then you need to have a lengthy talk about what you can do to help the situation.

tell him you can divorce him and get child support, alimony, his car, the house, and his big screen tv.

Tell him "you forgot alimony" as you hand him divorce papers. Once the divorce is final, tell him "oh, and they weren't even yours anyway".