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Today, my ex showed up to pick up our kids in her brand new car. Last month child support doubled my amount because of a paperwork error. FML
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How do they calculate child support amounts?

In Canada it's based on income as well as how many children. It's calculated to allow for maintaining your own well being.

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totally missing the point.. they made a mistake on something

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your income vs. the other person's plus bills and expenses for the child

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Make sure the court knows what happened.

Don’t you want your kids riding around in style?

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I'd take him/her to court. Good luck

Would you prefer your kids ride in a clunker? Your child support is to help provide for your kids food, clothing, a roof over their heads, and much more, including transportation.

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You're right. Transportation is necessary. But you don't need luxurious transportation. She sure as hell shouldn't be allowed to keep it especially cause of an error.

A new car isn't luxurious transportation. It's not automatically a Rolls Royce only because it's "new".

Fights the payment amounts. If you have custody on certain days, the payments lower too. If your ex-wife already had a full time, median paying job when you split, it lowers the amount you need to pay too. It is based on your income, but that all started because of women not normally being the huge money earners in the first place. But if its you who has a lower paying job, and she makes more... You still owe because she has custody, but it should be offset based on her income. There's no hurting repealing the amounts and asking for something lower. As long as your children are being taken care of! Heck, whatever you purchase for the children can be re-reimbursed/deducted from child support payments if it wasn't paid for by the mother. Do some research! You ex doesn't have to be present to adjust stuff! Depends on where you are, of course. My mom and dad had shared custody of my sister and I.

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Why would the paperwork be redone every single month for your child support? This makes no sense. Once the order is set, it remains the same unless a judge orders it changed.

I think OP meant that after a long time, the courts finally noticed an error and fixed it, essentially doubling it for OP. Also, you can most certainly write the courts to have the fees lowered if you also pay for things out of your pocket for the kids. Child support is payment to fill everything they need. If OP starts paying for things that the ex should be paying for, OP can get a break.

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Was the paperwork error that you weren't paying enough and now that they've fixed it you owe more? Or has there been a recent error which doubled your child support in error? If it's the second, go to the child support office and talk to them. They will credit you for the overage that you payed and apply it to your balance due. And, by tw, your ex-wife is allowed to buy stuff. I'll be buying a new car in the next two years, probably, and if my ex gets mad about it I'll tell him "I dont need your permission to spend money, f*** off." As long as your kids are taken care of, how the ex spends money isnt any of your damn business.

Yeah, it's like the jealous people who begrudge others because they simply don't deserve more than they got themselves.