By Anonymous - 10/01/2012 17:43 - India

Today, I received a letter from the state saying my 14-year-old daughter is now legally recognized as a male. I have no idea what happened. FML
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dad, there's something i have to tell you...

I think it's time for a talk with your " daughter".


I think it's time for a talk with your " daughter".

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Son you always wanted, but had.

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Yea, op is from India! You're all smart! Were proud of you bud, that's a pretty complex word!

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Correct, they have to have a "टॉक" (google translator "talk" english>hindi) with their son/daughter

-3: i feel like i should love you just because you have "Skooma" in your username.

They probably got your daughter mixed up with someone else.

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In India there's a lot of people to get mixed up with.

Hey, OP's daughter is 14. Weird shit happens in middle school.

In india theres usually no middle school its usually a big private school for kid from 3-18. Or a small village school. Depends on your families wealth.

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Let's hope there is a confusion or lets hop OPs daughter doesn't go to prison

Yeah guys, because racism is so cool -.-'

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149- I don't know what hopping will do, but ok... I'll hop til I can't hop no more, and then we'll just have to hope for the best Good luck on figuring things out op Either way, just go with the flow

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At 14? I don't think so, it had to be some kind of mix up with someone who has the same name or something.

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Transexual from birth? What the hell are you talking about? If you're referring to hermaphrodites, that's not considered "transgendered" Hormone therapy is used to produce testosterone. You're the dumb ass here.

They can make a penis. I'm not sure how but for turning a man into a woman they turn the penis inside out

Your ******** is enlarged by testosterone therapy and they can use skin grafts to create a false erection. Most transgendered men opt not to do that, and to just have their breasts removed, and chest sculpted. You don't have to have a penis to be identified as male.

People can be and often are aware that they're transgendered from a pretty early age. Single digits is not uncommon. It's perfectly possible, and reasonable, for someone who's 14 to have known for some years already that they were transgendered. With support of the parents and access to appropriate medical and mental-health practitioners, some people start the transition process before the secondary sex characteristics develop at puberty. It sounds like OP's son's custodial parent is supportive and, thanks to support from that parent, is fairly well-along in the process. I'd encourage OP to get to know his son better and be more involved in his life. Things like this should not come as a surprise.

Pssst. The polite term for someone born with ambiguous genitalia is "intersexed", not "hermaphrodite". You're welcome.

Actually both are correct, courtesy of my sisters pre natal book which talks about such things. But obviously, OP didn't know. The child might, but OP did not. I know you have a great deal of counseling and evaluations before the state will recognize you as the opposite sex. So no matter what the situation, OP should know.

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Hermaphrodite and intersexed are different. To be a hermaphrodite one need have both ovaries and testes- ie both sets of sexual organs. This is pretty much only caused by chimerism- when two babies merge into one at the embryonic stage. Intersexed refers to most other conditions which result in ambiguous or incongruent genitalia.

Im sort of embrassed at all of your ignorances. All the transexuals are SEDY. Lol im in 8th grade and we have a ftm trans and he is hot ;)

SEDY? The hell does that mean? You're in eighth grade, you can't spell, and you're embarrassed at "all of our ignorances" ? All the transsexuals are sexy? (which I'm assuming is what you meant) you've met one,, not all. Plus OP's problem wasn't their child not being attractive, it was not knowing why exactly they received that letter in the first place. I'm weeping for your ignorance.

If she's 14, doesn't she live with you? You would know if she had a sex change. It's obviously a mistake.

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You don't have to get a sex change in order to be recognized as the opposite sex. That's what being transgender is.

India is a third world or a newly industrializing country if you prefer. Like most countries of the sort it's government system isn't up to par with Europe or north America's. so a mistake like this was bound to happen. Sorry op aha hope you get it sorted out

I read that entirely in his voice. Oh Boondocks....what have you done?

But, if she was walking around in guys clothes, wouldn't he notice?

Shit happens when ur dealin' with Indian passport agencies.

You can hide a lot of things from someone that you live with... Just because he's his father doesn't mean he has a clue of what's going on.

This confuses me. She could not have gotten a sex and name change without you knowing about ut. At that age, you'd have to sign for testoterone shots and the like. It had to have been a mistake.

We never know what the rules are in India.

Not exactly. In different countries they have different rules for age limit on sex changes. Like India for example. Maybe OPs child really did have one.

You sound like you know plenty about this kind of thing...

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Let's hope it's all a misunderstanding and they accidentally sent you the letter or something.. I wouldn't even begin to know what I'd say to my daughter if it were me that received the letter..

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I'd say "wtf??!! You could have at least told me." :)

A good conversation starter would be, "So, is there something you'd like to talk to me about?" and to not be accusing, and to keep an open mind. It's not the child's fault their mind is wired differently than the body was built. I don't know what I'd do if I felt like my body was some alien creature to how my brain works. So, no, I'm not hoping anything of that sort. I'm hoping that the OP sits down with their child and they talk about this, and the OP understands and supports their child.

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if it was something they truly wanted, "congrats" would be a good start followed by "why didn't you tell me?"

"... Son... We need to sit down and talk" "Son? What are you talking about, mom?" -OP sighs in relief and throws letter away-

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or he starts nervously freaking out and runs away xD

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Ron, he has a mustache on his face. You know, where he grows his beard.

Because he had to go to the store to get razors for said beard.

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Wow that's kinda a weird thing to talk about to ur parents tho.. Soo maybe u just give her the letter and be like wtf is up with this??