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Today, my 14-year-old step-daughter announced that she is 4 months pregnant. The father is my 15-year-old son. FML
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betseyville 6

That child is destined for a lifetime of therapy.


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PleaseStayChill 9

Nice comment. Very well thought-out. You should really consider becoming a writer. The glorious elegance of your words shall be ever so lightly tickling my brain all day. Well done, sir... Well done...

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33- :( that's the first mistake I've ever made on FML. My life is over.

Hey OP it's like an awkward or messed up episode of the Brady Bunch.

That will be terrible awkward to explain!

I find it hilarious how 1's name fits their lame comment. And 165- terribly*

42- Except for never capitalizing the first letter of your sentences.

littlesister67 0

So & so, meet your sister/brother, who also happens to be your aunt/uncle.

smokinpenguin6 0
kbtoyz69 9

Welp... OP needs to divorce his/her wife/husband so that the children won't be related anymore. Problem solved. Well except for OP's marriage and the age of their children part. :

Well... If ya can't keep it in your pants, keep it in the family.

goldensh0wer69 3

I enjoyed the simplicity of this comment and how it had such a large contrast with the severity of the situation. It made me laugh out loud so why don't you go plow your sister you condescending twat.

Whoa, who are you talking to? #376 I guess I realize now why you have to put the number of who you are referring to. Oh no I got 5 thumbs down. Awww.

I'd like to point out I wasn't being condescending. I just hate grammar nazi's who think correcting someone on the Internet gives them some sort of higher stance than everybody else.

lofty1012 3

At least the kid will be ok biologically since they aren't related...

"Whoops" for statutory rape?! (Google Georgia age of consent.) I'm appalled to see only one mention of rape in this whole post so far. People, WTF do you think impregnating a 14 - or 13-year-old is? Surely even in Georgia you could find two sane OB/GYNs to agree to a second-term abortion for a 14-year -old raped girl. (Yes, statutory rape is "legitimate rape," since that actually has been publically questioned lately.)

^That may only be in Georgia though, or maybe just the us for that matter, so you really can't be mad at people for not mentioning it. As far I'm aware, it's only rape if both don't give consent.

#419, Appalled means shocked or horrified, not mad. The age of consent in Georgia is 16; same or higher in most US states (via Google). Lots of comments here from the US, Georgia too, but only one referring to the crime of rape so far. "It's only rape if both don't give consent" - correct in general. Here, BOTH are too young to legally consent. So, yup, this is still rape - statutory rape - and still a crime. The recent public questioning of "legitimate rape" I mentioned has been in the US (at least I hope it hasn't spread).

medichick 5

It's only statutory rape if the raper is an adult. The father is 15, pretty much the same age.

worlds123dumbest 4

304- they aren't related... They're step siblings. They're related only by marriage... Not like their kin or anything

It's not statutory rape because they're both minors. If he was 18, then it would be statutory rape. Obviously google should not be your preferred search engine.

natepooch 4

33: I must congratulate you, for you are oh so superior than everyone else, by spotting this common grammatical err....please continue to enlighten me on your vast knowledge of the english language #fuckyougrammernazis

In Georgia, minors can commit statutory rape. The severity of the crime depends on the ages and other factors (eg, if the girl was impregnated at 13 when the boy was 15, it may be a felony). And yes, Google handy but not definitive.

fromthesuck 8

450 holy ****! You want to take an already ****** up situation created by TWO teenage kids who did something stupid and turn it into a literal federal case. You are what's wrong with this nation now. All jokes aside this is a family matter. So spout your self righteous crap somewhere else.

Why are other kids doing this? What happened to feeling butterflies in your stomach instead of a baby? This seriously scares me.

kbtoyz69 9

438- My stepsister is still my sister. However, in the event that my parents happened to get a divorce she would no longer be my sister just my dads ex wife's daughter. I could be wrong. I have not done the research it's just something I thought of.

No, no, no. If it were my son, the "whoops" would be when he "accidentally" fell of the roof to his death.

lilpanda4 5

Your kind of responding more logically than you need to.the question was it consensual if it was it doesn't yea....op I have no clue what to say to you except WTF!!!!!! THEOR YOUR ******* CHILDREN YOU SHOULD HAVE TLK TO THEM ABOUT INCEST THAT SHIT IS JUST ******* NASTY!!!!!

Seriously? OP's a bad parent, so he has to murder a baby? I do not and will not understand how murdering an innocent unborn child became an OK solution in our society. Just give the child up for adoption.

494, It isn't incest, and I really don't see why anyone would label it 'rape and or statutory rape' if it was consensual, if it wasn't I'm quite sure OP would be at the police station and not on FML. OP could have done everything in the world to prevent them from having sex with anyone but teenagers will do what they like! Sorry you have to deal with that OP, people aren't going to look at this to kindly as seen already but all you can do is support them and what they decide to do. Best of luck.

jasmine1259 2

166- having a lame comment makes them retarded? Kind of harsh.

hanymandy 6

That's exactly what I said too

450, why the flying **** do you think that the 15-year-old's mom/dad would want him to be a convicted rapist? Please stay in Georgia.

450 - SHUT UP about Georgia! Notice how you keep saying "Georgia" and "Google" in every single comment you post. Yet you still get thumbed down...good grief.

Its not rape when the father is the same age (or a certain amount if months apart). This poor kid doesnt deserve a criminal record because neither of them make smart choices.

jooliaboolia 6

if one party is over the age of consent and the other is under, the person who was under would be the rape victim because they are deemed too young to truly understand the consequences of their actions.

jooliaboolia 6

they said they COULD make it a felony, not that they SHOULD...

betseyville 6

That child is destined for a lifetime of therapy.

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They should put it for adoption. Not trying to sound crass, but that child would have a horrible existence.

The two teenagers may have liked each other way before the op got married. It doesn't say how long they have been step-brother and sister.

the_anti_hipster 7

It turns out that your family tree may actually just be a shrub.

unknown_user5566 26

2- You got that right. I'll be sure to look this family up once I become a therapist. They could very well fund my retirement.

I think 4 month is too late for abortion... But 14 is just way too early to be a mother!

The fact that she is 14 is still a major FYL though

MsMourningStar 22

It's too far into the pregnancy for an abortion.

139, it isn't too late. Unfortunately a lot of people seem to think the family tree works backwards and their child would have something wrong with it.

wlddog 14

Why would anyone thumb down adoption? It would give the child the best chance of having a normal life. There is no way they could support their kid right now. What is wrong with people? You would rather kill the child instead of let it be raised by an adult family? Sickening.

164- funny how even a wild dog has more sense then some people on this website. *shrugs*

Redoxx_fml 22

And what if there are complications during birth? She's only 14 and giving birth isn't exactly easy even for adults.

Wow. So people today,and by judging by many of these responses think it's ok for this to happen. My god! I hope I get killed by a stray bullet or something. In 50 years this world won't be worth a shit thanks to the youth today. The people that are ok with teen family members knocking each other up are pathetic. You are truly trashing the world,and it makes me embarrassed that you are human.

kathii01 20

Then she should not have had sex in the first place. Doing adult things comes with adult responsibility.

And all this would have been avoided if they weren't under the delusion that children are able to have sex. People, please wait til you're at least 16 (or whatever the legal age to have sex with someone your own age is) and remember to use PROTECTION :/ or just wait til you're 18 I guess

198- dont throw a moral fit, they aren't related by blood. It's definitely a part of the fml, but the biggest concern is their ages.

Looks like somebody tried just a little bit too hard on this one.

195- A. You play you pay. B. That's what c-sections are for. C. I agree with the adoption option here. Neither are mentally or financially equip for raising a child, they're children themselves. And furthermore, the fact their step-siblings means they need to have a serious talk with their parents, like it or not they are brother and sister now even if just on paper. They need to realize the consequences of their actions.

ravenevercross 19

Who gives a ****? I fail to see how that matters. Step sibling thing sucks, but they're 14 and 15. Regardless of how long they liked each other they still shouldn't be *******.

ravenevercross 19

I completely agree with you. Every word. All the thumbs down you're getting are probably a bunch of children or people with children who have children.

mcaps97 0

she? its not her fault. its both. it takes two to make a baby.

heinous966 15

It doesn't say just how long they've been step-siblings. If they liked each other before the marriage I see nothing wrong with it. Hell, OP could've gotten married two or three months ago. We don't know; so I'm going to say that theres a possibility of it being okay.

derrek87 6

A shrub bushes out to much to just be a shrub.

Way to generalise almost half the population... You say "In 50 years this world won't be worth a shit thanks to the youth today". There is a 14 year old girl fighting for her life in Pakistan after being shot in the head by the Taliban for her activism. She's brave. What have you done? You just sat behind a computer screen throwing about massively incorrect generalisations. Also, yes, teenage families have trouble and sometimes other options rather than keeping the child are more appropriate but that can't be said for all. I knew a girl who was pregnant at 16, moved out with her boyfriend, got a job, paid off the apartment loans and now they are older and trying for a second child. They are wonderful people, with stable jobs and a home that's theirs. I'm not saying teen pregnancy is easy or should be accepted so readily, more precautions should be taken and more teens need to be educated about the dangers of unprotected sex. However, it's pretty wrong to sit there saying the worst of a whole population of people. Side note: They really really aren't related. I'm only 18 in 10 days but I have been rallying for issues such as the 1984 Sikh Genocide and volunteering to help refugee children with an easier transition into schools. So please, tell me how your generalisation applies to all of us and how we all make for embarrassing human beings.

You can get an abortion up to 6 months.

What is it with people and assuming teenagers can't support a child?? I was 17 when I got pregnant the first time and I did just fine! I now have 3 children that are all happy and healthy. Some teenagers can't get their head out of their ass long enough to realize that when they decide to keep the child they actually have to raise it too. But not ALL teenagers are like that. Although this does not mean I condone the fact that they are step-siblings, and personally I don't believe in abortion, if anything she should go for adoption and that should be her choice.

It's also sad that people don't know what a c section is.

MagicGiraffe 12

411, I'm 18 in 13 days let's change the world together!

HungerGames95 13

198- I think you're forgetting which generation raised the "youth of today." Also, don't generalize and act like all teenagers are despicable people it defeats your entire argument.

HungerGames95 13

442- You were 17. Not 14. I know teen pregnancy isn't easy, and the majority (NOT ALL) of teens aren't ready for the responsibility of a child. I know I'm not. But I think it's great that everything worked out for you :) My parents were married at 18 and it turned out fine for them. I guess it just depends on the maturity level and compatibility of the people involved. But I still think 14 is WAY too young.

OP I wish you the best of luck in this situation. As not trying to sound like a total dick but with how young she is and her sex organs are still developing she could have a miscarriage but if she doesn't then I agree with the adoption option, since they are step siblings but I do wonder how long they have been step siblings. Best if luck my dear

411- I want to thumb up your comment, but it's too long :( [Because I'm on the app] This is completely off topic, but does anyone remember "Disney 411"? Okay, never mind, then…

519- You can swipe the whole comment with your finger to reveal the thumb and reply buttons. I still have no idea why the buttons have to be in the middle, and not the bottom.

constipatedlady 0

201 - choosing abortion is "adult responsibility."

tweetbaby14 18

428, I hope you're pretending to be stupid... I'm 75% sure three months is the latest someone can legally get an abortion.

557- actually, in the states you can legally get an abortion right up until the end of your pregnancy. Here in Canada though, you definitely cannot get one past 20 weeks.

460- Hey Purple Giraffe, you're a day younger than me! Super cool. YES, let's help the world together! Every little thing we do counts:) (sorry for being off topic fellow FMLers)

411- Thank you:) Nice to have people who are like minded.

198, good to see another self-righteous poster spouting nonsense about "kids these days." If you never did anything your parents didn't like when you were a kid you must be a saint. Older generations always have and always will think the world is going to shit. The weird thing is that the thought of the world going to shit is exactly what motivates us to strive on. Also, you are delusional if you think that any teen or young adult these days would've okay with a 15-year-old banging a 14-year-old and getting her pregnant. It's that type of comment that really make me feel like the world is going to shit, but only because of defeatist attitudes like yours.

So better a murdered baby then let it live a life with a different family? Nice country

560- actually there was a court case in Canada where a woman threw her 1 month old baby over a fence, killing it in the process. The mother walked away free with out charges because the court said it was an abortion

I know adoption is the most reasonable answer in these cases, but maybe OP WANTS to keep her grandchild. I've seen a few cases of teenage pregnancy where the grandparents took care of the baby, but the mother was still always present. The actual parents still participate in the raising, though! Just that they continue to study so that later on they can actually support the child.

Oh, God. That must be terrible for you and your relationship, I agree, your life sucks.

iOceanus 18

I thought that this kinda thing only happened in pornography...

Inheritance 10

'Top story tonight son and daughter found dead for incest' Those kids are good as dead..

Inheritance 10

'Top story tonight son and daughter found dead for incest' Those kids are good as dead..

Inheritance 10

'Top story tonight son and daughter found dead for incest' Those kids are good as dead..

Inheritance 10

Read FML wrong my bad apologizes. I read daughter and son didn't see the 'step'. I accept my negatives.

enormouselephant 15

How did the parents not catch any sexual tension, flirting or otherwise oddness.

Well. I think OP should remember, if they're Christian, that Mary birthed Jesus at 13. So her daughter should have hope. But the brother-sister thing is odd. How didn't u notice that? Of course I saw an article like this once. But they were blood related, got married, and encouraged their kids to do the same.

Well. I think OP should remember, if they're Christian, that Mary birthed Jesus at 13. So her daughter should have hope. But the brother-sister thing is odd. How didn't u notice that? Of course I saw an article like this once. But they were blood related, got married, and encouraged their kids to do the same.

380 - That was also two millenia ago, when that age was normal for having kids

No not hope that it's except able, hope that she and the baby will end up healthy. She's so young, and pregnancys arent easy

Dr0reos 8

One day about 40 years from now that babu is going to wall into a therapists office with a bag of money and talk and talk unitl they veg him to leave.

445 Vat did u say? I tory I dun no how speak that hurt oh god that hurt so bad... Just, quick... Call the grammar police STAT!

379- back in biblical times the average lifespan was between 30 and 50. Completely different circumstances than today

I realise you meant this as a joke, but the highest rates of incest are actually seen in India, many of the former Soviet republics (including Russia), Croatia, Afghanistan, Brazil, Japan, and China. The rates in the southern US are actually statistically very low. Sorry to throw a wet blanket on your joke, but that stereotype bothers me for some reason.

It's okay Doc, you don't have pretend you weren't defending me. What was your fee again?

This isn't incest though, since they're not blood related.

lelo007 11

4- Only in Georgia, what? This is not incest, because the teens involved are not blood relatives. Secondly, if you are implying teens getting pregnant at this young age happens "only in Georgia," then you should go back to your research because this does not happen only here. I'll assume that you are making this statement with the former train of thought, and I'd like to point out that is an extremely ignorant statement for you to make, either way.

the_anti_hipster 7

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TheDrifter 23

Hey, us Canadians have apologized for Justin Beiber on numerous occasions. On an unrelated note, I could have saved myself SO much time looking for dates if I just had a hot stepsister. Not entirely sure my parents would have let me live through that decision though.

And only in America anymore can people not take a joke for what it is... A joke! I thought the "only in Georgia" was funny, but of course everyone from there all the sudden talks about their 7 masters that will never be proven to poke holes in, once again, a joke. Ugh the pussification is getting worse than I thought. And it should be noted that all stereotypes are based off some pretty solid truths, look them up.

streetriots 9

I lived in Georgia for 15 years. I only meant it as a joke. Lighten up a little. :)

#94: Yup, you're completely right; stereotypes are always true. That's why I get angry when people expect me to act correctly since I'm educated. They don't understand that I'm a redneck who comes from a redneck family. We wear the sleeveless flannel shirts, the Git-'Er-Done trucker hats, and we always have a beer in our hand while talking through a wad of chewing tobacco. Of course, there are some people who believe we actually eat the raw hearts of the animals we kill. They're's the liver.

SenselessPattern 12
paytonpatterson 0

I'm proud to live in Georgia :)

I have lived in Ga my whole life. I still thought the joke was funny. Actually, it made my day. (:

Can I just say, you guys from Georgia should be proud of Honey Boo Boo. "A dolla makes me holla honey boo boo"... Incredible.

unknown_user5566 26

Oh I want to play! I got arrested in Georgia. ...does that count?

Oh my gosh! It was a joke. People seriously need to try to remove that stick from their asses... Only people with a sense of humor should be allowed on FML.

RedPillSucks 31

Making insulting remarks and then responding with "It was a joke" doesn't make things funny... *insert homophobic joke here* *insert racist joke here* *insert sexist joke here*

RpiesSPIES 27

Well, on the bright side, it's technically not incest if it's a step sister and step brother.

I grew up in Saskatchewan. You should see the gorgeous lingerie I had just picked up at a yard sale...

SenselessPattern, the reason rednecks don't eat spleen is because the spleen is the universal source of injury (ex: AHH, my spleen!). Since rednecks firmly believe you are what you eat, they avoid the potential injuries that could arise from eating spleen and choose the red, bloody liver, which supposedly supports blood production.

Psych101 9

283- It's not insulting. It was a funny joke based off of a stereotype. And yes, I live in Georgia and have all of my life.

WrongRomance 11

I live in Arkansas. Imagine the stigma that comes from that. Everyone knows it's an exaggeration. It's just a joke.

What I was about to say, ( and I can I live in ga ha )

UltimateGIRness 16

I live in Georgia and I still thumbed up yer comment. My friend is only 13 and she is pregnant with her brother in law's baby

I totally agree with you anti_hispster, because of Honey Boo Boo and other redneck shows this is what Georgia is being based off of. In reality, there are smart, educated, and normal people who live in Georgia, and aren't anything like these TV shows or stereotypes.

lexi365 20

45, No but it is still mess up and wrong...

Jeff Foxworthy said it best: Here in Georgia, we have smart people just like other places have smart people. We just persist in putting the most ignorant among us on T.V., usually describing what the tornado was like. "Well, it were pandalerium! It done tore the ruff offa muh trailer and crushed four dawgs. I thought we be kilt or even worse!" I lived in Georgia (grew up in Southern Ontario, Canada), when I was 10, and I remember my cousins all being very familiar with "Playing Doctor" with each other. A little TOO familiar, now that I look back on it... As for the original poster, we have a saying in my family clan: no blood, no foul. Granted, they are both under the age of consent for Georgia, so theoretically they COULD both be charged with statutory rape of a minor, and if convicted would be registered as sex offenders for life. Hopefully, it won't get to that point. Not a fan of abortion, although I understand the medical necessity in some cases. Adoption would be a great idea if the girl is able to bring the baby to term safely. Maybe this scandal is a cry for attention from these kids? When two families join together, there's often a lot of tension, and a lot of resentment, as time and affection that were previously directed only at the single child is now shared out to the new spouse and step-sibling. TL:DR version: All Georgian's aren't dumb, they are made to look dumb in the media. Re:OP, it's not the end of the world, but this family is going to need some counselling, as they have tough choices ahead.

imavelociraptor 6

Ya might be a redneck if.....

Lol damn you got it in first! It should be more interesting than the kardashians(sp)? and teen mom combined!

Glitterhinoceros 14

Actually, Teen Mom beat them to it. They already have the stepbrother/sister couple. Unless they keep the baby, I wouldn't be interested.

Caitlyn and Tyler on teen mom are technically step brother and sister. They had the relationship before their parents

Well sorry I don't watch teen mom lol. Should have googled it!

Yeah it'll be called "Siblings and Pregnant".

PInK_ExCiTeD 7

Wait... Didn't this kind of happen to Tyler & katlyn from teen mom? :S

Dr0reos 8

Whos theyre own mótherja in law? Oh oh better yet. 14 and pregnant. Finally: turd in the gene pool(I know I used that last one but I think it's still appropriate)

Steve95401 49

My guess is that they'll be on "Jerry Springer" soon.

Ah yes, keeping it in the family. At least their not blood-related.

Blood related would be bad for the baby genetically. But the baby will be fine. And let's face it, lots of guys want hot step sisters to sleep with.

BeforeItWasCool 12

They're* I'm sorry, but the basics do need correcting. My mistake if it was a typo.

jim_bolicious 4

I've always wanted a hot stepsister but to sleep with her friends not her

streetriots 9
Dr0reos 8

Ahh Only in the south. Well at least they didn't shit in the gene pool cause they're not blood related.

streetriots 9

I did not articulate my message very well. What I meant to say through the fetus/baby they were related by blood now.

You have the cutest baby ever as your profile picture !!! Reminds me of a girl at the kindergarten I am a teacher in:) adorable!!!

wlddog 14

Babies should not be posting comments on FML. Thats is just wrong. Of course, their grasp of the english language and its sentence structure is uncanny.

I hope they both have lovely funerals. You ARE going to kill them both, right?

jmayes414 5

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87) Please don't pretend as if Doc wasn't kidding.

Fun fact: had anyone other than Doc posted this, it would have been thumbed down into oblivion.

I would. Why did that thought even cross their mind.

ravenevercross 19

That's hilarious. If I was the father I'd kill them for sure....

TurquoiseJesus - I guess that's a benefit of having been here a while. :)

Yea or moderated like mine did yesterday, but doc usual always hits the fine line. Without going over it some how. Clever

You do not understand...Doc hits the line because the line is Doc.

I've come to the conclusion that Doc could post a comment, completely unrelated to the topic, about how much he hate Jews and black people and how the holocaust was good, and he would still get thumbed up. As such, this leads me to another conclusion: Doc is a wizard. He has mastered a mind-control spell.

dog1999 2

Doc is the Chuck Norris of FML

I would ground them for the rest of their lives

behady 4

At least one of them is a step-child

If they get married you will be your own mother in law.

Just like how Fry became his own grandfather!

That makes nonsense. She will be both their mother in laws but not her own

99 You are correct, but I think everyone gets the point. She will be the mother and the mother in law if they were to get married.

Even if they had parental consent, Georgia law won't allow step siblings to marry... But it does allow for cousins (related by blood) to wed!

Fishinaddict22 1

I'm not condoning the situation but what if they were dating before their parents met? Now apply the situation but when the kids are in high school. Guy couldn't marry the love of his life (maybe lol) because their patents hooked up?

RedPillSucks 31

Still too young to be having sex, especially unprotected.

noelykins1 19

Actually legally they could get married.

To #312 you are wrong/ right, here you cannot. Yet if you go out of state you can