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Today, I got so bored that I ordered my DVD drawer from awesomest to non-awesomest. I need a life. FML
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Please say twilight was at the least awesome end. Actually scrap that, please tell me you don't own twilight in DVD.

1) Trite story 2) Bad writing 3) Bad acting 4) Too much hype 5) Sparkling ******* vampires


Please say twilight was at the least awesome end. Actually scrap that, please tell me you don't own twilight in DVD.

Blu-Ray has HD vampire sparkles... I never thought "vampire" and "sparkles" would ever make it in a sentence together... -_-

Scrap THAT, please tell me you've never even SEEN twilight.

When twilight first came out I thought i'd check it out. I dont think I watched any more than 30 minutes due to the horrid acting of the female lead.

Hey #15, 14&1 what's wrong with a person reading or watching twilight?

24- What's right with a person watching twilight?

24- absolutely nothing. People of all religious and ethnic backgrounds should agree that twilight is crap.

KeannaLove 32

#24- Everything is wrong with watching twilight. That movie never deserved to be played on the big screen.

traze 7

TWILIGHT ROCKS!!!!.......Give me five reason why it sucked...anyone?! with the hair...

1) Trite story 2) Bad writing 3) Bad acting 4) Too much hype 5) Sparkling ******* vampires

sportcrazychick4 7

The books are not bad but the movies just blow!! Lol so much better movies to see like Half Baked! :O

6) annoying characters, from passive Bella to the idealised, romanticised vampires 7) repetitive vocab (take away every 'smug' and 'icy' and there goes half the novel) 8) mention of a Catch-22 that isn't actually one (something like "If I choose Jacob I'll hurt Edward; if I choose Edward I can't see Jacob anymore. It was a Catch-22." No, it wasn't. It was just unfortunate.) 9) this bit: "He was so beautiful. He was so.. so.. beyond description." If you can't describe it, that's just bad writing.

traze 7

With a total gross of over two billion. It is obviously not a fail and those are personal opinions of to why it sucks. All movies are cliché....

Calling something "a fail" is a failure. Fail is a verb, not a noun. Just because people buy it doesn't make it good. People buy $1.5 billion-worth of Peeps every year and they're ******* disgusting.

traze 7

Again personal opinion...I LOVE PEEPS!!!...back on topic...why would someone buy or spend their money if they do not like it?! Your speaking for yourself and not for the mass....

Idonebeenhad 17

Twilight is like soccer, 2 hours of people running around with nobody scoring, and the millions of fans telling me I just don't get it.

IDontKnow10101 14

57 - Just because twilight made over 2 billion dollars does not mean it doesn't fail, it simply means a mass of people wasted money totaling over 2 billion dollars to see a shitty romantic vampire movie

^...And just like America is the only country who doesn't appreciate football, Stephenie Meyer and her drones are the only people who don't realize how bad Twilight is.

And I also read this somewhere, and it's true: Disney told a better love story in 4 minutes ['Up'] than Stephenie Meyer told in for book.

After reading this thread I forgot what the FML was about. Lol

traze 7

It's about "Twilight" being awesome and haters gonna hate...

no it's not. that was what the thumbed down comments were about

5 reasons why Twilight sucks: 1: excessive homosexual suggestions 2: generic love story bordering on romantic comedy-type romance 3: doesn't follow vampire "tradition" even though they claim to, i.e. glittering instead of bursting into flames in sun. 4: gloomy and dreary mood and lighting throughout the whole movie would probably make it more depressing if I watched it. 5: it spawned a culture phenomenon that has turned thousands of people into annoying fan boys and girls that talk of only Twilight 24-7

Twilight was complete crap. The movies were infinitely worse than the books because of terrible acting. If the facts that vampires sparkling wasn't bad enough, they got the worst actors ever to play the roles. Twilight is the Rebecca Black of movies and books.

SadDashie92 3

I've never seen Twilight and I'm proud to say that.

Crazy ex made me read and watch twilight and it just raped my childhood... I loved vampyre (or vampire) legends when I was a kid. A REAL vampyre: Dies in sunlight, Needs human blood to live, bites cause sickness then death then vampyrism, they can hypnotize, and they require permission to enter

Sorry for double post, accidently submitted it before I could finish... lousy computer enter houses. I got this information from Nosferatu and Bram Stoker's Dracula...

-55- you could take away the word dark too, and that would be another third of the book gone.

I can't work out if Traze is trolling or not. Twlilight MAY have made 2 billion but I bet if all the people who DON'T endorse twilight were made to buy a copy there'd be much more then 2billion. Can't help kids with poor taste. And vampires DO NOT sparkle, get some Anne Rice in your book library! Now that is a vampire series!

You have seen Twilight, you helped her defeat discord Dashie!

Wait, where is this homosexual suggestion you speak of? How did I miss that?

Wait, wait, wait, stop the presses! Doc, you don't like peeps?! They're delicious.

55 - Omg #6 is one of my pet peeves. Ugh. Bella depended way too much on the vampire guy. I saw one movie and I wanted to shake her the whole time and tell her "he's not that cool!" I really hope girls don't think it's normal to seek approval from guys, going through all types of crap just to get him, thinking that she would die without him. Sounds like a recipe for getting into an abusive relationship. "you push me away, and emotionally scar me with your games, and you could kill me, but that doesn't matter because I want you! We are destined, our story is just like Twilight, so romantic!" WTF.

Mentioning Twilight at opportunity is tired. Dead. Exhausted. Old. Move on.

All of you haters can go die for all I care. I happen to LIKE TWILIGHT! Is there anything wring with that?

dobbyisfreeeeeee 10

#1 - My thoughts to the letter. Please marry me so we can bash Twilight for the rest of it's ridiculous, sparkly, crappy existence.

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^ all of you most likely just severely pissed off numerous twilight fans... love it (:

toenibbler 14

Learn to play the guitar or something creative. It works for me.

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Go buy some more movies so you can meet more people

If your life was a DVD it would be in the non-awesomest section.

traze 7

Isn't being on here free time?!....

spekledworf 18

Not when you're on here during Math class... then it's just multitasking

Maybe you should try and be social. And I'm not talking about Facebook or twitter

7 I live half an hour from any town. I also can't drive and a lot of the time my parents are working.

Nope, it would've said so below their comment, or you can check the top of the FML for the username, melonhead77 would be the OP in this case.

Your top DVD can't be that awesome if you chose this over watching it.

Guess we are doomed to die of suspense.

****** grammar nazis!!! Who the **** cares how he spelt it, last time I checked we We're on FML not English class.

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72 - Did you make all those grammatical errors out of spite, or is thinking and typing at the same time beneath you?

or we are gonna die of being a ******** and going nuts over every time someone uses your instead of you're (OMG THE WORLD IS GOING TO COME TO AN END!!! someone said your!!)

Actually, if they said it no one would realise the error.

Not really an Fml , no one got hurt but movie producer feelings

The FML staff chose it. So yes it is. Take it up with them if you have a problem.