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Today, my 14-year-old daughter convinced my son that when he was born, he was actually born as a girl, but we wanted a boy so bad we had his gender changed. Now he wants to change back to a girl because now he doesn't feel right as a boy. Last year, she got her other brother to cross dress. FML
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I see a future for OP's daughter as either a highly successful businesswoman or a powerful dictator

Wizzlbang 10

Very little. But there are minor differences. Job qualifications are the same though.

ineedalogin 19

What if during the talk, op's daughter manages to convince op to change genders?

Little kids always try to convince their siblings crazy thing –__–. When I was 4, my 6 year old sister tried to convince me that everyone is born with a penis but if the parents want a girl they just cut it off.__.

Or maybe she just wants a sister very badly.

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I can't wait to see what she tells him next

#41, only she's not a "little girl", she's already 14 years old

i used to try to convince my brother to let me do his hair and nails. to no avail. I need to learn some rhetoric skills from OP's daughter

41- OMG that's priceless. That was probably horrible for you though:(

Prime example of nurture over nature. Let the debates begin.

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Theyll learn eventually. Dont worry OP

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And the FML grammar nazi strikes again. I don't know about anyone else, but I didn't notice the apostrophe missing, maybe it's because I don't care. Since when did FML start turning into an English class?

If you're playing this game #76, learn to use a period.

Sounds like somebody wanted a sister

Maybe she’s trying to tell her parents: „Please, give me a little sister.“

"Give me a little sister and I'll stop making your sons question their gender."

easyprey 8

If I can't have a sister ill have a homosexual brother

"Most transvestite fancy girls." "Who told you that?" "A transvestite told me!"

How old are your sons? Poor little guys... I mean girls... Or do I mean guys?

That's going to be fun, embarrassing them with that when they are older ;)

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Your daughter is a manipulator. Reminds me of my little girl, Laurie.

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Her daughter is a diabolical genius.

Or the next supreme dictator of "Da Wurld."

The thing about parenting that's hard is laying down the law! Kids don't like it and parents get stressed easily! Unfortunately, this needs to happen!

I guess there's a relation from this to the FML? I just... I don't see it.

I think 8 here is trying to say the mom needs to intervene and stop the daughter from poisoning the mind of her siblings.

Will someone give lickastick a BIG carnival prize!

#8, you use a lot of exclamation marks! It's like you're trying to be dramatic! It's like you are trying to give a speech!

It is very disturbing how many people are commenting that there is something "wrong" with OP's daughter. She is only a child trying to play a trick on her younger siblings, who hasnt done that before? This is normal behaviour for children so young and the daughter shouldnt be punished as some are suggesting. If this were to happen in my house id be quick on the camera catching memorable moments to show at my sons 21st where all of these things can be laughed at as they should be. Kids will be kids so let them run free and explore all things, in time theyll learn older siblings are evil and can not be trusted ;P

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Kids are naturally curious about things like this, especially if they aren't taught these things by parents or teachers. There's nothing wrong with a kid cross dressing. People aren't born with homophobic or prejudiced thoughts, so to a kid I'm sure it wouldn't feel so strange. The idea of being 'manipulated' and having ideas put in their heads is ridiculous. It's important children are aware of issues relating to sexuality so that they aren't pressured into churning out homophobic thoughts and behaviour in later life.

When I say homophobia, I know cross dressing doesn't automatically mean one is homosexual, but the sort of people who criticise cross dressers often do associate it with being gay.

It says that she got her "older brother" to cross dress. What is his excuse for the manipulation? I'm wondering if little sister just gave him the excuse he was looking for to cover his tracks.

kaybee41906 13

It says "other" brother, not "older." It could be a very young kid.

It originally said Older brother not other brother. It was altered after posting.

GalaxyShots 21

Okay, now you're just making excuses.

She wants attention from you and resents her younger siblings. But messing with her brothers' mental and emotional health like that is too much. So slap her first then give her more attention.

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#10- I'm one of nine kids. My siblings and I all messed with each other, much like this a d worse. We're now all happy, healthy, well-adjusted adults. No long term scars. But speaking of mental health...hitting your teenage daughter for something as dumb as this? Yeah, that'll probably screw her up.

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I have to agree with #10. The girl really does need a spank at least.

Sometimes you gotta use physical forms of discipline and this is one of them. To make the boys genuinely doubt their own gender is serious, not dumb. It can lead to long-term insecurities.

Hitting a teenager does not have the same disciplinary effects as hitting a child. They've already started becoming independent human beings. It'll just make them resent you, or maybe spiral into a horrible puberty.

Wtf!? You should NEVER hit your child! And why is this such a big deal? The little one will get over it. And if they cross dress, so what? It's not going to harm them in any way..

Your daughter should be a salesman. She has the skills of them!

OH I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE. Of course you didn't mean "saleswoman". You think OP should convince their daughter that she was actually born a man, to switch genders and then become a salesman. So very smart.