By Needsanewjob - 10/01/2012 15:34 - United States

Today, I guess I accidentally left Facebook open on my work computer while I went to the bathroom, because my boss updated my status to "Unemployed." FML
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desireev 17

One of the first things an employer of an office environment will tell you is "Stay off of Facebook!" Sorry, OP.. But YDI. You knew it was a rule and you broke it.


daydreamer244 13

For your Next job close your facebook when you leave to go to the bathroom maybe that would help :)

Or MAYBE he can wait to get home to go on facebook?

Explain that one to the unemployment office...

I always locked my computer if I was getting up. Not a bad habit to get into.

It was a work/company computer, the boss probably has the password or a master password to unlock it, so that doesn't help anyone. Just don't go on Facebook, it's really not that hard of a thing to accomplish.

If you're going to do that at least be sneaky about it... Geez.

Jakesterk96 8

Your boss actually took the chance when you went to the restroom to see if you were doing your job. So you probably did have it minimized.

Or you can access FB through your phone, just saying, my phone doesn't event have a colour screen.

82 and 123 I highly doubt the boss was going on his computer to see...Op prob left FB open on the screen and the boss saw it...or some companies have the admin account see every screen in the office to overwatch

Rule of thumb, never surf the internetz at work. Unless, of course, you're on FML. **Fml dev pats head**

tjv3 10

YDI it is probably against the acceptable use policy.

desireev 17

One of the first things an employer of an office environment will tell you is "Stay off of Facebook!" Sorry, OP.. But YDI. You knew it was a rule and you broke it.

yeah, and you have to be careful what you talk about even on your own time cause they'll look at that too!

monkeysuncle213 6

But it would make their world stop to not be able to update exactly what they're doing every minute!! Who knows maybe the earth would stop turning!!

you have a valid point *updates status to "Posting on FML!!!one!!one" *

"At work." "Still at work." "Going poop at work." "Boss has no idea I'm spending my time on face book AT WORK! HA!" "Getting paid to play Farmville." "Still at work." "Leaving work! YEAH!"

Actually, at my job interview, they told me they "didn't expect me to work 8 hours straight every day" and it was fine if I wanted to go for a walk outside or surf the web. But I guess you're right, probably an exception.

desireev 17

125- You got lucky! An exception, indeed! Most workplaces will not even allow a cellphone to be used, let alone getting on Facebook..

Because most places aren't attached to reality. They don't realize that most work in a day doesn't take 8 straight hours. There's always downtime.

thelegitlady 0

It must have been one damn important status he had to update... "Ha! My boss is an idiot! I get to be paid to be on Facebook all day! Farmville ftw! lolz ;D" Yeah, just no OP. YDI.

bamagrl410 31

So OP is on Facebook while plenty of other unemployed people would love to actually do work. YDI. Even if there is down time at your job, do something constructive. Read a news article, read a book, SOMETHING.

desireev 17

218- You sound like me! I always say, "Do something constructive!!"

What, rearrange your desktop? Many jobs have no worthwhile outlets during downtime. I usually read, listen to music, etc. during downtime in lab. Sometimes I double check inventory, or make sure everything is working properly, but doing job related things or expecting them to be worked on 100% of the time at a job that expects you to be there for a specific amount of time, is rather silly.

desireev 17

Well it's what you're getting paid for.. Not everyone can have a job like that. You get paid for working.. Not for using your 'down-time' in the way you prefer..

69bannanataco 0

19- Are you saying everything on FML is completely 100% true? It could have been a joke but the person just wanted to write something on FML. Although in this case the name is "needanewjob," so I think this one might actually be true.

Yes he was kidding (Sarcastic voice/rolling eyes)

csmith10100 4

no he wasn't kidding just look at the name "NeedsanewJob" that should clear it right up for u

genesisCCORE 3

Next time, dnt use your facebook.

ha! next time! if Hw can a job like all the others waiting.

FiestaInMyPants 8

I just imagined this thread was irl. 4 and 38 were having a conversation and then 55 interjected with that, and there was an awkward silence while 55 stood there with a huge lopsided grin. ..It was funnier in my head.

whippymcdumb4zs 0

Naw, if it was real life I'd imagine #55 being in a wheel chair, drooling all over himself; saying " do you lyke dis castle I maed?!?!*pulls out grotesque object from his shorts."

lolmonster34 0

Later on his facebook he sees: John Smith likes this

Keep your work and personal life completely separate. YDI

phantumgrey 6

To bad work want your personal life out of it but they have no problem making work take up personal life. Ie working weekends when that should never happen

You get paid to work on the weekend, the company shouldn't pay you to play on Facebook.

Remember when your personal life payed the bills and got you that phone you always wanted? OH WAIT! That was work, forgot to say "Remember when work"

80- too bad people don't appreciate the importance of life outside of work.

tjv3 10

But that's just it it's Life OUTSIDE of work

sadcutie345 8

Damn rite lol a damn good one at that

That 'like a boss' thing got so old so fast. Its just plain annoying now, especially If you have a twin bro who STILL constantly says it. >:(

FeroniaMoonscyth 2

Swallow sadness... Like a boss!

eshie11 0

funny ass way to get fired though haha