By Peter Steele love - 18/10/2015 00:49 - United Kingdom - Clevedon

Today, I was sexting my boss. I realised that I wasn't texting my boyfriend after I'd sent 2 nudes, and received many sexually provocative responses. FML
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Did you get a raise?

It really sucks that you got such a big response from your boss, but maybe you should have checked the name before sending such revealing photos.


Damn... well that should be a interesting topic at work..

Doesn't matter had sext?

English good many you have

Marcella1016 31

I thought it was cute. Turned a "played out" pun into something else. Sorry #2 they're pretty harsh when it comes to puns but I appreciated your effort :)

agreed with 53, I found this pun pretty good

sorry #67, unlike #56, you don't get to agree with #53 that #2's pun was worth it.

Well, that's going to be awkward next time you go to work...

"Hey boss since I gave you a raise can I have one too?"

Did you get a raise?

I'm sure something in her boss's pants did

Maybe he showed her his stimulus package.

Wizardo 33

There was a firm growth of 80% in the 3rd quarter

She might see some "explosive growth" soon.

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and then the boyfriend gets sued and gets in all sorts of legal trouble.

The boss got a raise

a raise in the crotchal region...

The better question is, did he?

It really sucks that you got such a big response from your boss, but maybe you should have checked the name before sending such revealing photos.

Before I can even think of sending potentially compromising texts, I always delete other threads that I might click on by accident, like from my mother. Might be a good idea for OP to try.

cassidi24 10

Oops.... Might wanna clear that up before he really gets the wrong idea

This is the only comment I've seen that suggests clearing it up. I assume that's from the number of people who think it wouldn't help or make things more awkward. Who knows? Maybe her boss is an understanding guy and it'll be awkward for both of them.

but don't you think he already got the wrong idea?

RedPillSucks 31

yep, too late

Boss: "I think you're ready for a new position"

"Position" can be taken in more than one way in this situation.

"under my desk."

RedPillSucks 31

ahh, yes. the understudy position

this needs to be the most upvoted comment right now

Doggie, lol

Yeah... that will look interesting on your letter of recommendation

rhcpgurl 18

Yeah, this is a good example of double checking the person you are texting. But hey, that's your business . . .

I still have no clue how people do this

aeryn97 17

I sent a lovey email to the wrong person. I think it had to do with auto filling in the name so I got someone with the same 2-3 letter start of their name/email. I saw my hubby's and hit enter but the other popped up unexpectedly and I didn't see it. sure it was embarrassing but nothing worthy of a fml but I realized and apologized. all was well. occasionally my phone or facebook will glitch if I'm typing a message and another messages me and I'll end up sending the message to the wrong window/person. that's super easy to do.