By lookslikeaboyapparently - 19/10/2010 21:23 - United Kingdom

Today, a little girl came up to me and asked, "Are you a boy or a girl?" I said, "I'm a girl of course!" She walked away, looking dazed and saying, "Whoa." FML
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Fortuitous 0

You're a bad role model.

Time to invest in some make-up and nail polish.


Fortuitous 0

You're a bad role model.

u scare little children.... good job!!!!

RedJester23 6

u know there's somethin wrong with ur looks if people are amazed at the discovery of your gender. just sayin.

i'd still hit that anyday of the week. dont you worry hunny

The little girl was high.

Grow your hair longer

jackygirl2 0

Thats unfortunate. Good luck finding a husband.

41, you spelled Sarah Jessica Parker wrong. ;)

YDI for a little girl coming up to you and asking, "Are you a boy or a girl?" You said, "I'm a girl of course!" She walked away, looking dazed and saying, "Whoa."

pinkpillowz 0

it just mean that you don't have to spend money on a Halloween costume! you can be a she-male!

Fortuitous 0

#51, would you like help with internal citations for your essay? Though I can't understand why you would paraphrase FML. Luckily for you, I am waiting to read this fantastic essay of yours.

KiddNYC1O 20

I see what you did there, TIJD. lol

55 needs to go on Comedy Central

62 - SJP isn't hotter than anyone. I don't know anyone in their right mind who's attracted to a horse. ;)

ohthebloodygore 16

71: horse, eh?

Fortuitous 0

#71, I really wish that statement was true, but unfortunately, beastiality is alive and kicking.

Precious - Yes. 74 - Pun intended? :D

KiddNYC1O 20

71- Tori Spelling? LOL

Fortuitous 0

Yes! Completely and udderly intended. ;)

Oh, good. For a moment there, I thought it was utterly intended! ;) Glad we're on the same page now.

Fortuitous 0

I know! I love puns. Too bad, out of all the 10 puns I submitted to be published in my school's newspaper, no pun in ten did.

KiddNYC1O 20

99- Smooth. lol

lemoncows 2

wow my dad told me that joke when I was like 5 haha

Very punny guys.

that's funny. you funny lady.

zerobahamut03 2

YDI for looking like a dude.

don't worry op this has happened to me too :p doesn't mean that you have manly features. it could've simply been the clothes you were wearing or that you weren't wearing makeup

the_flirtt 0

good luck getting laid.

R2d6 0

WTF how does that happen to you 149 because in my opinion you are beautiful

R2d6 0

I mean 146. my bad lol

MichieBabiie 0

Dress more lady like :]]

Elixa 0

A lot of high fashion models look like little 12 year old boys, maybe it could work to your advantage! if all else fails buy some boobs! I sure as hell don't get confused for a boy.... just sayin

There's nothing wrong with looking like a dude and vice versa. It's all what society views as the 'norm'.

corytheboss 0

146 your beautiful who in there right mind could think your a dude????

are you not a transvestite donkey witch? cause you kinda look like one I'm just sayin

is it because you "bought" boobs?!

Elixa 0

no I'm 100% natural ;)


Where's Trya when you need her?

Doomire 0

where's your mom when you need her?

in my pants...

R2d6 0

I saw that one coming lol

I saw your mom coming.

lalagirl912 0

"I saw your mom coming" what coming are you talking about?

Tequila_Hilton 3

hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!! u made my week((((:

YDI for being fugly

FMLandurstoo 9


Time to invest in some make-up and nail polish.

no I disagree. just a low quality paper bag would work just fine.

mintcar 9

YDI for looking like a man. :)

ifailplzinsultme 0

How much did that boob job cost?

mintcar 9

Boob job? How did you come up with that conclusion by the way?

PrincesAnzu 0

it's probably just a push up bra o.O

mintcar 9

Since you're so concerned with my boobs, I'm going to share some information with you: 1. I'm a 36 D. I don't need a push up bra. 2. You should probably look into the different types of brassieres sold at Victoria's Secret because push ups aren't the only ones.

Vexation 0

This can be talked about in private messages. Kthxbai.

mintcar 9

Kthnxbai? I can only imagine a 12 yr old saying that.

mintcar 9

1. I don't have the option to private message on my Iphone. I don't think anyway. 2. I was clearing the "push up" bra comment. 3. If it doesn't concern you, then don't reply. Plus, you should probably follow your own advice. You could've PRIVATE MESSAGED ME WITH THAT COMMENT OF YOURS.

adorkable_spazz 0

i don't see why it matters. people talk about random shit that has nothing to do with the FMLs all the time. if she wants a bunch of internet people to know her bra size, so be it. [;

TinyDude 10

Lols Girl relax ;D Dun even worry abt these 12 year olds

It matters because it takes up pointless space. I believe it says something in the rules of FML about PMing... It'd be a good idea to read the rules before proceeding.

mintcar 9

Anyone commenting on this specific post is contributing to " taking up pointless space. "

Vexation 0

Telling you to use the private messaging feature makes an example out of you so other users (new or not) can learn.

ohthebloodygore 16

95, no. We're explaining the rules to you so next time you won't make the same mistake. Your iPhone has safari. Log onto the main website from there.

Schizomaniac 24

I find it hilarious that Steff and Precious are telling other people about taking up pointless space. Anyway, this is how I feel about pointlessly taking up space: You shouldn't do it.

ohthebloodygore 16

Eli, I'm a hypocrite. What do you expect?

Schizomaniac 24

I can't think of anything to say to that...

zp5 4

116 is right. pointless.

ohthebloodygore 16

Eli, I also never mentioned pointless space. All I did was tell her how to PM. Good. I fancy when you have nothing to say.

zp5 4

I don't remember... oh wait that's right we were talking about it being pointless.

this is in reply to the first message: you're telling her she deserves it for looking like a man? then I guess you deserve it too. man-woman

ohthebloodygore 16

Eli, you see what you fucking started. Ignorance is right, everything you say is pointless shit.

Guys, grow the hell up.

mintcar 9

134, I wasn't being serious with my comment. Since when does anyone take smiley faces too too seriously? Also to everyone else, so much for private messaging. :):):)

zp5 4

zem2 double post fail

come back to bed mintcar, my shlong is about to go limp and yours boobs have been concealed for too long

mintcar 9

Zem, I've been ignoring your insults/ question because you fail. So, you can continue to address them to me but I'm just going to ignore.

KiddNYC1O 20

mintcar has a point.

sourgirl101 28

Good fucking lord! What the hell is this I'm reading? I hate seeing so many people on this thread bitching at one another. Especially when it's the people I enjoy reading their comments the most. I'm going to drink my coffee (yes, Irish) and pretend we are all best of friends!(:


Schizomaniac 24

Thanks guys. I love you too.

brandonbkl 0

omnomnomnomn :O

ifailplzinsultme 0

I'm enjoying this. I was kidding. and I'm not 12. I was bored so when I see someone that has large boobs I say that. When someones pic is hot I ask "What site did you find that on" I'm not taking up space

mintcar 9

173, my 12 year old comment was towards someone else.

TinyDude 10

Dammit guys our job is to laugh at other peoples misfortune not to bitch abt someones boobs

i think mintcar has nice boobs, no complaints here

ifailplzinsultme 0

haha sorry I didn't mean to spark off a debate. No complaints aboutem. Just a failed attempt at humor

TinyDude 10

Seriously i think u guys are juz jealous she looks better den u

I can't believe you guys are still going.

ifailplzinsultme 0

hey Im tryin to end it!

When I think of the song I'm Yours by Jason Mraz, I think of you.

spanelli 16

Zem2, get the penis out of your butthole. :)

your picture makes you look like a man

you must be a fugly ass girl hahahahaha

lol look who's talking

ninjanate 0


hey, he's a good looking young man! (at least that's what his profile says..)

1121osu2110 0

I think dykes are hott! A+ for u!! 

SettoFail 9


Whoa, indeed..

Lauren10102 3

I can't tell if u r a boy or girl from your pic, but I guess ur a girl from ur account name... stop being so mean to op!

uh huh, what's so mean about: "Whoa, indeed"?

get over it get over it leave the Asians alone

ydi for not trying to make yourself look like your own gender.

icantellu 7

YDI for wearing so much makeup and not looking like a human species.

ifailplzinsultme 0

BOOM! Btw wat site did you find that pic on?

zp5 4

whoa. no way.

FirstBornUnicorn 0

OMG. no way.