By lookslikeaboyapparently - / Tuesday 19 October 2010 21:23 / United Kingdom
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  YDI_S  |  0

YDI for a little girl coming up to you and asking, "Are you a boy or a girl?" You said, "I'm a girl of course!" She walked away, looking dazed and saying, "Whoa."

  Fortuitous  |  0

#51, would you like help with internal citations for your essay? Though I can't understand why you would paraphrase FML. Luckily for you, I am waiting to read this fantastic essay of yours.

  babyyappld  |  7

don't worry op this has happened to me too :p doesn't mean that you have manly features. it could've simply been the clothes you were wearing or that you weren't wearing makeup

  Elixa  |  0

A lot of high fashion models look like little 12 year old boys, maybe it could work to your advantage! if all else fails buy some boobs! I sure as hell don't get confused for a boy.... just sayin

  mintcar  |  9

Since you're so concerned with my boobs, I'm going to share some information with you:
1. I'm a 36 D. I don't need a push up bra.
2. You should probably look into the different types of brassieres sold at Victoria's Secret because push ups aren't the only ones.

  mintcar  |  9

1. I don't have the option to private message on my Iphone. I don't think anyway.
2. I was clearing the "push up" bra comment.
3. If it doesn't concern you, then don't reply. Plus, you should probably follow your own advice. You could've PRIVATE MESSAGED ME WITH THAT COMMENT OF YOURS.


i don't see why it matters. people talk about random shit that has nothing to do with the FMLs all the time. if she wants a bunch of internet people to know her bra size, so be it. [;

  5t3ff1k4h  |  43

It matters because it takes up pointless space. I believe it says something in the rules of FML about PMing... It'd be a good idea to read the rules before proceeding.

  Schizomaniac  |  24

I find it hilarious that Steff and Precious are telling other people about taking up pointless space.

Anyway, this is how I feel about pointlessly taking up space:

You shouldn't do it.

  mintcar  |  9

134, I wasn't being serious with my comment. Since when does anyone take smiley faces too too seriously?

Also to everyone else, so much for private messaging.


  sourgirl101  |  23

Good fucking lord! What the hell is this I'm reading? I hate seeing so many people on this thread bitching at one another. Especially when it's the people I enjoy reading their comments the most. I'm going to drink my coffee (yes, Irish) and pretend we are all best of friends!(:


I'm enjoying this. I was kidding. and I'm not 12. I was bored so when I see someone that has large boobs I say that. When someones pic is hot I ask "What site did you find that on"

I'm not taking up space

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