By Anonymous - 22/3/2021 11:01

Anyone there?

Today, I'm still waiting for my current job, which gaslit me in various ways for a year, to acknowledge my month's notice. My new job starts in 3 weeks. I'm genuinely not sure if my (ex) managers and HR are all on furlough, or if they're just fucking with me. FML
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  ekk100  |  6

Indeed, although I would add to send it by a means that they cannot refute they have received it, so signed-for delivery or read-receipt on an email.

By  Ellimac21  |  11

Keep all the evidence you have regarding your notice. Emails, texts.. Everything! As long as you have that, it doesn't matter. They don't have a say in whetever or not your notice is valid, especially after a year. Go to your new job.
If your old workplace causes you trouble because of the notice, sue them; they had a year to answer.

By  scruffymankillem  |  1

but like just walk out, if you're done wasting your time with them, just move on. if the roles were reversed they'd drop you in one 5min talk without any forms of notice, don't be afraid to do the same