By riiiighhhttttt - 05/08/2013 05:38 - United States - Laurel

Today, I actually had to explain to my sister that Shrek was not in fact based on a true story. She replied that I'm a "clueless twat". FML
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And now you're gonna tell me Santa isnt real too?

You might want to consider dental hygiene if you're old enough to live alone and are still losing teeth.


And now you're gonna tell me Santa isnt real too?

What? Santa isn't real? My life is a lie.

Pfffft, santa is a huge fake, the easter bunny, now that's real and ever so evasive

Bitch please he's real!! Santa's the only reason I can make cookies in December... and I'm Jewish! xD

But Santa is real! Who else brings presents in the middle of the night every year?

Of course it's based on a true character. Whatever gave you that idea, OP?

While shrek was based on a wrestler, the story certainly wasn't based on anything.

It has to be a true story. I've seen 4 ogres in my life so far. People call them the Baldwin brothers.. Haha.

Shrek is love. Shrek is life.

while your add it,, tell her Santa Claus isn't real too

Wait... While you're add it? Huh?

My parents nor any other parents have told there kids Shrek was real, or put them in the same category as santa or the tooth fair.

I was looking forward to marrying Farquaad. :( My dreams are crushed.

But... but Farqaad died in the first movie

#26: Shush, you destroyer of hopes. Farquaad lives, and once we are married I will kill him and become ruler of Far-Far Away. *cackles evilly*

i think your expectations will come up short when you meet him in person.

But he got eaten by Dragon!

Wait, it's not? My life is a lie!

The younger generation leaves me completely hopeless...

Yes! Please tell me more about how the next generation is doomed because of a few idiots.

With the name C-money no less.

31 It seems like there are many more idiots because they are the very vocal minority. I firmly believe that the film Idiocracy is a documentary that was sent from the future and reshot with actors. It feels like that is exactly how we're going to end up in a few decades.

I think you're ogrereacting a bit, #10

Well whatever age she is, she has the brain of a 7 year old

Slap the teeth out of her mouth and tell her the tooth fairy will pay her for them.

Couldn't she tell that it was actually based on Big Foot? *sarcastic*

My entire life is a lie...