By Anonymous - 12/09/2013 22:27 - Sweden - Vällingby

Today, I realized that what I thought for years was my country's National Anthem, is actually the theme song of a TV show. FML
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RpiesSPIES 27

Hangin' out. Down the street. The same old thing. We did last week. . . Sure it's in Sweden, but there's a chance.


I'm guessing Sweden. I still want to know the show, though.

RpiesSPIES 27

Hangin' out. Down the street. The same old thing. We did last week. . . Sure it's in Sweden, but there's a chance.

It could be The greatest American super hero theme song!

Gingerette 8

That's a good one, #29; however, I'm voting for the Andy Griffith show theme song.

If it was movie then team America. America, **** yeah!

I'm guessing the US and American Dad.

No joke, that was the theme song that popped into my head first when I read this post!

Me too! I had to go back and re-read to make sure it wasn't actually in the fml. I find that a little weird.

Could it be "good morning USA"? American dad theme song.

Did you make it past the third grade?

All you people putting U.S. themes...ur complete idiots....HE'S IN SWEDEN FFS!

You do realize American Dad came WAAAAAY after the national anthem of the US was created, 99? If not then you dont deserve to live on this planet. American Dad uses the American nation anthem as their theme.

im going to assume that its Allsång på Skansen, their theme song starts out with the lyrics "Stockolm is my heart..." that woyld be my best guess at least. i could see the confusion and if i wasn't forced to learn the national anthem in school i would've thought the same thing

fyi everyone the US is probably the most patriotic western country on earth so you're all taught constantly about your country. many other countries don't focus so much on that crap so for Sweden that could be very normal. The only reason I know my (australian) national anthem is because our new principal now makes us sing it at assembly, but when we first started singing it many students were left confused.

MemeMaster1_ 6

Not a thing to do.... But talk to you..... Woah yeah!

Oooohhhh!! The good ol' hockey game! Is the best game you can play! And the best game you can play is the good ol' hockey game!! xD

Might as well be our anthem. I bet nobody would bitch about the lyrics.

uh, 79, Toronto is a city. A city that is home to the maple leafs, the scum of the earth.

flyersfan345 5

That song only expresses truth. But Sweden is big on hockey.

ytew6 6

It's the best game you can name, not play...

I hope you didn't sing it whenever it was called for! If we didn't make mistakes, we wouldn't be human.

The next generation of the world is doomed.

How do you even know this person is from the current generation? From all you know he could be 40..

Yes! Someone made a mistake! The whole next generation will fail miserably! This person is an accurate representation of everyone in this generation, ever. Glad you brought that up.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

I wish our national anthem was the theme song off American Dad. Good morning, USA, I have feeling it's going to be a wonderful day. The sun in the sky has smile on his face, shining a salute to the American race! Ahh, that'd be great.

*Sigh* .. If only there was a button for that !

There's no "I second that" button. Shut up.

#5, seeing as your picture is a selfie, I don't think you have any room to criticise the generation

RamenForTheWin 10

You are the next generation, sweetheart. Chill out.

Since you're from Sweden, did you also think the Swedish Chef was your national cook?

And Swedish fish is your national fish?

and Swedish house mafia is an actual mafia?

Actually, the Swedish Chef is caed the Finnish Chef in Sweden :D this led to a funny situation a few years ago, when some swedes went to Finland and decided it would be funny to initate the Finnish Chef, not knowing that everywhere else he is Swedish, so when they started saying "hurdy gurdy etc.", all the Finns thought that Swedes actually speak like that.

94, who told you that? Because it's not true ^.^. I wonder how OP can have missed every event where they play "Du gamla du fria". Maybe OP is trolling.

94: uhrm.., no he's not he's called the Swedish chef in Sweden too

The Muppet Show? Oh please let it be Muppet Show, that would make this FML the best one ever.

Lennox_B 8

You thought the American Dad theme song was the national anthem too? Dammit I hate when that happens.

Imagine if it was the Doctor Who theme. The cellos and the signature WOO-OO-OOO make it quite an epic intro, at least in my opinion.

How did my comment end up here? My comment was in reply to someone saying, "your an idiot", which is why I wrote that. No wonder I was getting so many downvotes :/

Wowww. Either ur extremely dumb or your school teaches you nothing

Did your school not teach you that "ur" is actually spelled "you're?"

Oh no they did but considering im txtin who cares