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Today, I realised I know the map on World of Warcraft better than the map of my own country. FML
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Unless you live in Monaco or The Vatican that's to be expected.

actually WoWs map is quite detailed... there is a lot going on... however I also know WoWs map better than our country's... simply because I never look at an atlas but I see WoW everyday... and yes I have a life... I simply enjoy gaming


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wow your fag for hitting on a chick on fml with an amine Avitar no less

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What's wrong with anime? L avatar FTW!

Seriously man quit that game. I played since release up until last year, never been happier. I volunteer at an animal shelter in the time I used to raid, etc. and it is so much more rewarding.

dude, I play(ed) WoW, WAR, LotRO, etc, and I have a life, a gf, and friends... sooooo....

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Yeah... The new Zelda game coming out is going to mess you up XP

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@14: Not everyone is as social as you. Let people live the way they want. Also, that is a bad gamer stereotype.

of course u would no the map for world of warcraft. u probably no every freakin thing about that game more then ur life now. once ur sucked in, u cant get out (unless its a miracle) trust me, i no. i got a bro and an ex whose sucked in -_-

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no ******* other men is for fags. dumb ****

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No, obnoxiously riding motorcycles is for fags.

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#186=I love you for the reference <3

It's not that bad. I've never played WoW but who'd expect a game world to have the same complexity as the real thing?

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World Of Warcrack's map was easy, ahh Crossroads. (:

a b c d e f g h I j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y and z

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If only we could transfer our motivation to avatar characters to our own bodies. Imagine how much more fun life would be. Think everything as a fun and creative challenge, never give up.

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to all the people saying to get a life, believe me when I say that If you would start playing it, you would love it too. seriously If you would start playing it, I guarantee you would love it.

actually WoWs map is quite detailed... there is a lot going on... however I also know WoWs map better than our country's... simply because I never look at an atlas but I see WoW everyday... and yes I have a life... I simply enjoy gaming

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@1 The point of his fml is implying that he has no life. Great attempt at an insult.

Better than knowing a call of duty map better than best friend

#138, I agree but it gets boring after awhile so I quit

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dammm lmao ur a loser and u fail at life and ur penis will fall off due to the lack of sex

You, my good sir (or ma'am) fail at grammar. Read your post before posting. It helps to keep idiots like you from looking like idiots.

Guarantee I wouldn't. And OP, that's sad, truly is.

I'm 80 and have 2 50's but whenever my two months run out I like to quit for acouple of months then start again. And take all thing's in moderation my friend.

no he did a capital lol... that's what I thought

i know many of Warcraft 3 (frozen throne)'s custom game maps hela well.

u do realize that playing wow doesnt automatically make u a no lifer right? its just like any other game u idiot, they are all addicting so u can have no life even if u play mw2

Omg dude im the same way its just easier for wow players to memorise the map because its a fun game and you need to see the map everytime you get on

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Give me a life where I can ride a saber swift mount or a sweet protodrake and I'll be motivated.

Gstone5 you do realize that you are backing up WoW and your profile pic is south park. they make fun of WoW in many episodes and they have one episode only about it. and to the op. get a life!

142 took the words right out of my mouth. I'm guessing most of u wouldn't say get a life to somebody who knows the maps from cod 4-6 by heart.

For a second... I thought you meant you were 80 years old.... And had two kids who are 50.... Shows my lack of knowledge of World of Warcraft...

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YDI, but not in a bad way. who cares about the map of their country? Maps in video games are easier to remeber and more important

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yea really who cares more about real life then a video game? what losers would be like that...

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insulting one game to make yourself feel better about playing another game? nice technique

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I tried playing and found it extreamly boring...

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you should post an fml about how pathetic u are that u have to justify other peoples' problems that u have in common

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How does loving it negate the idea that it's better to be living in the real world?

225, just because the show pokes fun at or opposes some of my views does not mean that I can not enjoy the show. I laughed my ass off when I watched the WoW episode South Park aired, and I play the game for several hours daily. Also, just because you play WoW does not prove you have no life, I have an 88% average and a girlfriend who I have been dating for one and a half years.

Well... WoW map is kindda easy. All you gotta do is click a button and thn you see it . Unlike in real life :P

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that's not fyl that's get a life

I know the WoW map better too!!! Horde FTW!

So what? I've memorized the GTA Vice City map, but I haven't memorized my own city.

so I take it you failed your geography test?

alright, I doubt he failed his geography test, SS teachers are retarded, and so are half the people on the internet. Therefore I bet half of you Americans couldn't even fill out a blank map with all the states.

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hey it's not our fault were stupid and have short atention spans

You guys are so cool for saying all Americans are dumb. It is, of course, the easiest way to be accepted by the "in-crowd" on the internet.

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um...I can fill in a map of America and I'm not real American

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looks like you could fill in a few things other than a map too.

well done my friend because English American relation was great and u hav completely pissed off the most powerful continent in the world!!! makes me feel safe to be British that we hav twats like u tryin to make uself look hard well done

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Calling all Americans stupid is like saying all English people have bad teeth, or that all Asian people are good at math. It is a stereotype and is true for a small percentage of the population. It's just ignorant to say we are all stupid. Also, since we are all immigrants (somewhere down the line), anyone calling the U.S. stupid are calling their ancestors stupid.

HahA Americans r the best race in tha world all other countries stink

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^That is just as much of a stereotype. We are not the only modern powerful country. In fact, without other countries, the U.S. would literally not exist. Plus, these days, the U.S. doesn't manufacture much. We wouldn't have anything without it.

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Yeah that's true.. I think the reason that people think America sucks is because all they ever hear about is the stupid bullshit that goes on around here and then assume the whole country is like that. It isn't true, the majority of us are good people, and we shouldn't be judged by the dumbass stuff some people do or what the government does.

lol true but the u.s does the same thing to other countries.

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Yeah I can't disagree with you there, I am part central American so I get a little racism from time to time. But does this not happen everywhere else?

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95...was that a fat joke? that sounded like a fat joke...

Sorry? Us Canadians couldn't hear your idiotic comment over our health care benifits.

typical canadians slinging insults when it's uncalled for. god damn canucks

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I think he intended it to be purplemnm

Im an American too, I guess you Americans just kind of popped out, forgive me. US Americans are retards. Blame it on Sirin, her black tar heroine got to me

good lord not another Canadia vs. America, stop it right now. I cant all the America's Hat and Canada doesnt have an army or all the we have healthcare and wifi, and we're Canada's bitch, and look at all our natural rescources. There I had the argument for you

and a quick correction before I start another flame war when I say US i mean the word us, not United States

purplemnm 9

I'm confused...#95 sounded like he called me fat and I don't know what 188 is talking about...

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What's up with WoW stories? they're getting boring now

So what if he did? If your so insecure about your weight that vague comments sound like fat jokes, get off the computer and run some laps.

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You know what, I was not taking either side. I am now taking a side. No one in this topic has any right to brag about their own country. Pretty much every country sucks. In fact, I can not even think of a utopian country. You're a douchebag if you can't see that every country is equal and that one is not better than another. By the way, when I say American, I mean United States of America, not Canada or central America, even though you are still Americans.

purplemnm 9

I'm a size 7 and societys warped view of beauty pisses me off. I'm fat and ugly coz I'm not a size 0 anorexic blonde tan Barbie ****? gee thanks

I thought canada was utopian, untill I found out they're dirty drug smugglers

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it has nothing to do with other people hating Americans. it has everything to do with how there stuck up self centered think there amazing and full of themselves. there is a reason why everybody hates you

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oh god stop with the whole America sucks bullshit! just be happy with where you live and get over yourselves.

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@40, I agree with SS teachers being stupid. I mainly taught myself geography by looking at maps and stuff on my own. I recently took a quiz and I could name 64 countries in 10 minutes which I guess is good for 12 years old. @ OP, YDI for becoming addicted to WoW in the first place, it's like a drug.

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I love how #227 blew some comment out of proportion just to try and make a point about how "society wants women to be anorexic blondes." You drew more attention to the comment by whining about it so much. Go make some friends or something.

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293 I have friends, good ones too. I just ******* hate how the general image of beauty is impossible to match.

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@246: Yeah, that comment wasn't ethnocentric, stuck up, or full of idiocy. You're so damn perfect, aren't you? Shut the **** up and get off your high horse, you're just as flawed as everyone else. Have you ever even met an American, or do you just hear about the worst of our society, like Brangelina and Miley Cyrus? If you're going to make an incredibly arguable comment with an oppinion, at least research America's history. Tl;dr: Shut the **** up.

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272 why don't you gtfo fml and run your little ass back the jersey shore and do something more productive like punch a fellow guid in the face ok? everyone knows America sucks and you don't need to waste comment space on bullcrap ok? ok.

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^Okay, I thought you were nice, but you just made my "little bitch book".

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But it's cold outside, and you can't log out when in danger.

agreed... at least he used mostly correct grammar.

By the way, I'm from the US, never been outside of it, but I use and prefer the British spellings of most words.

How is going outside going to teach you your country's geography?

Unless you live in Monaco or The Vatican that's to be expected.

I don't know what's worse, the op's life or the fact the you quoted let alone remembered the rocket power kids

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uh no it's not to be expected. that's pretty pathetic that you don't know the map of your country.

purplemnm 9

8 how how do even know that he did qoute Rocket Power?

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um did you not read his comment, he is clearly quoting it..

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Why are you all being so mean to snickerdoodles? She's just trying to help this guy improve his life. Plus her comments are usually humorous.

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110 the comment I see is "unless your from Monaco or the Vatican that's to be expected" that doesn't sound like a rocket power qoute but then again I never really watched coz I thought it was retarded

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so do all the other nerds in this world lol

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oh now fml decides to correct it's shit... omg bahahahahaaaa!

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it's not pathetic. when you like something a lot, you do it a lot. and...I've lived in New England my entire life and still place all those little states incorrectly on map...

List of countries suitable for OP: Andorra Tonga Tuvalu Vatican City Monaco Seychelles Comoros Cape Verde How's that for a "stupid yank"

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California Nebraska Virginia Colorado Mississippi Hey, I can do it too, stupid yank

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purplemnm 9

wait there is 50 states right? brain faaart

pshh anyone can name the states, it takes real smarts to place them. I for one cannot. damn east coast with their confusing tiny states.

96 Vatican city is not a county it is a part of Italy. you just proved my point

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242 haha I can for some reason...I had this saying for it but I forget right now

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Vatican City is in fact an independent nation completely surrounded by Italy. Good try though.

I agree. Vatican city is not a COUNTY :D

Confirmed by the atlas inside my head. Vatican City is not a part of Italy, nor a county. It is, in fact, a country. I win.

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And this is why the chicks dig us losers.

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I know the map of Ireland (I'm from there :])

"u have no life! learn how to spell" read over it and tell me what you did wrong...

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people in th uk spell it realise..