By Anonymous - 09/11/2011 17:20 - Romania

Today, I realized I have to choose between being unemployed or putting up with my perverted boss who desperately wants me. I'm a guy and so is he. FML
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Don't you have any HR reps? If not, QUIT. If he's making inappropriate advances I'm sure you could press charges. Make sure he's caught in the act!


Errrrr, if you are hot, you can work for me... Butttt, I'm a guy too... Oops

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Oh and time to get a murder consultant, just not Jamie Foxx.

15- horrible bosses part 2 - the homosexual encounter.

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But Jamie Fox's obvious bad guy act was hilarious.

Can I work for you? Any type of "job" would do

Unless you earn like 100,000 a year, QUIT THE JOB. On second thought, maybe he'll pay you more if you give in to his desires.

^ unless OP is a child sex offender, he should quit and find a new job.

I say you try and make more money by being flirty with him! You don't have to put your penis anywhere near him, unless you just really want to...

25 Just make sure it looks like an accident

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It looks like we need...*puts on sunglasses*...Mother-****** Jones!

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Was I the only one seeing the third choice, sexual harassment charges? I guess it was just me.... Hmmm............

I'd take the advantage and talk yourself into getting a nice raise for your salary.

Well, if you're the pitcher, close your eyes and go for it. If you're the catcher... well, should let him take you out to dinner first.

It's not gay if he has "NO ****" tattooed on his lower back.

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129- thank you captain obvious, I did not think his boss was gay at all.

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but it is gay if he has "insert here" with an arrow pointing down on his lower back.

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You can tell your gay by your picture.

I see a raise on your pay check and his, well that's not talk about that

"Op walks into a bar asks the bartender for 6 shots the bartender asks whats the occasion? Op replies my first ********, bartender says oh really? Here's a 7th on the house then! Op says thanks but I doubt it will get the taste out of my mouth."

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120- ha! :) I've never heard that one before. Funny stuff.

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Its only gay if you make eye contact!

Uhmm.its called sexual harrasment? He would be fired over you.

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I would say use him to your advantage... buuuut that could turn bad...

Sounds like you and him could have some funky buttsex.

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Jesus Christ! This comment originally said butt pirates. And my original response said what he said

I suggest trying to find a new job but in these times, who knows when that will happen so I wish you the best of luck.

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Luck, ****. Same difference. Gotta get lucky to get laid.

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Don't you have any HR reps? If not, QUIT. If he's making inappropriate advances I'm sure you could press charges. Make sure he's caught in the act!

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At least he thinks your attractive...

Start using it to your advantage, see what you can get out of it... other than buttsex!

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^ I see what you did there lol