By salope - 26/08/2015 08:33 - France - Paris

Today, my boss broke off our relationship because he said it's inappropriate. I really liked him, but I accepted it and respected his integrity. A few hours later, I found out he's now dating my colleague. FML
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probably for the best, dating coworkers is a disaster if something goes wrong! chin up :)

At least he didn't fire you


probably for the best, dating coworkers is a disaster if something goes wrong! chin up :)

At least he didn't fire you

It's France, firing without valid and substential reason is illegal.

He's an unprofessional asshole. You'll find someone better OP.

How is she not unprofessional? She was dating her boss.

He was referring to the boss, not OP


yes but they were BOTH unprofessional because its unprofessional to date a coworker let alone your boss.

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you can date a coworker and still maintain professionalism. granted, it's a tricky situation that can be very risky, but it's possible. my boyfriend and I have been together about year and a half, working together the entire time, with no issues, because we keep the personal and professional entirely separate. Still, I admit, it's usually not a good idea. we understood that going in.

My parents will be married 20 years this year, and they met through work.

To be honest i really don't see how it's very unprofessional. As long as they didn't mix their relationship with work and he didn't show favoritism, there would be no problem. Can't help who you have feelings for

You're more professional that your boss will ever be. Hopefully you'll take his job soon!

It takes two to tango. OP was also unprofessional for dating her boss.

Isn't there an h r you can report him to or something that shouldn't even be done in sorry op

And what is HR going to say to her for banging her boss!?? Yeah, not the best idea to go to HR and complain about her boss and her having an affair.

Reporting him to HR because the boss and OP were having an affair is like calling the cops because someone stole your weed. You're just snitching on yourself.

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sadly, this has actually happened

Good Lord. Yeah. Well, whatever you do, try to keep a tight lid on everything, because I can see many, many ways this can go very, very wrong for you and everyone else involved.

Episode one:Douchebag

Don't get laid where you get paid.

Lol love the name "Salope", for those of you who don't know what it means it's French for bitch/hoe (depending on the context) lol

Came here to comment that as well haha. I always thought it translated more to "slut" though!

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whats the first life rule?

Life rule #1: Get a job. Lol.