By Anonymous - 21/10/2010 16:56 - Canada

Today, my boss walked up and smacked my butt. I am a 19 year old guy. My boss is a 50 year old woman. I desperately need this job. FML
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tdub10 2

Can you say cougar. Haha

perdix 29

If you are so desperate, tell her she doesn't have to pull her hand away so fast. Let her fingers linger.


tdub10 2

Can you say cougar. Haha

sexy time yes?

nickwest 0

you get on that horse and ride son ride till you can ride no more my friend then repeat. don't be a faget look at the power you have dumb fuck.

suck it up princess its just one smack (;

haha u should be proud to get that older woman ;) but i have had a similar experience with my obese teacher while my ex gf was in the room. can anybody say akwardness??

She just wants some good mc lovin' 'tis all!

give her what se want she'd give u a raise

had the same experience in my art history class smh...

it's simply a friendly gesture ;)

iSitt 0

Just close your eyes and think of England. They're all pink on the inside. Married women know how to keep a secret. It's French to cheat on your wife. It's American to get caught.

^ lmfao priceless mate

hit it, your career is on the line here

MyDearBear 4

Lol! XD

MyDearBear 4

yea! ;D

Tap it and get that promotion!

hmna 0



no not MILF.... GILF!!! Ftw. . . ilol

LMAO I was gonna say that

WTSchool 0

I'm sure you desperately need this job now. (:

tribridags 0

sue for sexual harassment and get more money?

i would file a sexual harrasment suit.

aznbiznitch666 4

Or he can quit and make her his sugamama..

djmigues 7


I love ur glasses ...

alsnyder12 0


TheBestManEver 0

OP you're looking at this the wrong way. Milk this act and get an upper management job in your workplace.

Well, when you find out why your life sucks, you let me know.

dug44 0

hahahahahaha, u r right!!!

perdix 29

If you are so desperate, tell her she doesn't have to pull her hand away so fast. Let her fingers linger.

kellanlvr 1

hahahah oh my!

RedPillSucks 31

Reminds me of a "3rd Rock" skit. her *puts hand on butt* him "please move your hand" her "I'm so sorry!" *removes hand from butt* him "no, I meant 'around'"

tdub10 2

Nxt time she does it smack her on the ass back and say good game coach. Lol.... And make sure you put some stank on it.

and this is an fml why it should be more like a fucking rights type of story.

Yup, it's called sexual harassment.

If you switch the genders of the boss and employee, this would be a rape case no doubt.

Go into her office and whip it out and be like "SUCK IT, BITCH!"