By dilligaf - 27/09/2011 06:22 - United States

Today, I had to choose between staying with my boyfriend and moving out to a better job. I chose my boyfriend. He promptly left me because I didn't take the job. FML
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cradle6 13

There's some information missing

Lol never commit to something like that unless you got a ring on that finger


and or? Doesn't sound like much of a decision..

If it was "and or" than why didn't you take the job?

rexgar2000 10

ydi for chasing him over you priorities.

Nothing will get in the way of my dream job

Always choose the job! A job won't wake up one morning and decide it doesn't love you anymore!

iliveinthesky_fml 0

what is this? another episode of the hills?

hotPinklipstick 24

My fiancé had 3 days to chose between an amazing job 6 hours away from me or to stay with me, I wouldn't let him stay. I told him there was no option, he had to chose the job. After a few months I surprised him by selling our house, quitting my job, and moving with him. Now I have an amazing job and I don't regret my decision. If you have to chose between your dream job and your partner and they aren't on board don't let them hold you back. Follow your dreams and you will find someone who will appreciate you for who you are.

ReynshineCutting 10

Everyone has a different opinion. I would give up my dream job in a heart beat for my fiancé. I'd much rather have a shitty job and be with him then have my dream job and be without him.

cradle6 13

There's some information missing

Like how long they've been together. If it's been a couple months, she deserves it. A couple years then I agree.

Imagine in op was a man, im sure everyone would vote YDI. Sexist much?

I'm betting there was a third door with a donkey behind it. Turns out that would have been the best choice.

tweetbaby14 18

I would vote YDI either way because you don't miss out on a good job for a piece of ass/relationship that might not last.

These terribly ironic situations suck, especially for relationships. Ive been there, youll make it.

I agree with 125. The a good man stays with you no matter what...a good job doesn't necessarily do that.

cmbfml 0

Looks like he's looking out for you more than you are!!! That or he's a gold digger

Lol never commit to something like that unless you got a ring on that finger

Look at the bright side.... Oh wait, there's isn't one.

Rico_Mal1116 0

"Money over everything, money on my mind." - Drake

ShroomsOnAcid 16

It's a prerequisite for selling shitty "music".

tweetbaby14 18

Oh really? Let me take a guess at what you call "music" based on your picture. Cry babies that mutilate themselves and pierce/ tattoo themselves until they look like a freak show literally screaming random shit in your ears that then whine and complain about why no one accepts them? Yeah, that's some great music right there... I should know I've listened to a few of those shitty "songs". Maybe, just maybe, good music to you isn't what's good music to them. Don't be so close minded actually listen to it before you knock it. And when I say listen I don't mean to two seconds or just one song. I know it's hard to not be a chump that believes everything they do and think is best because this the Internet, but come on really?

ShroomsOnAcid 16

U MAD BRO? No, seriously. First of all, jumping to such enormous conclusions based on a picture is at the height of idiocy. Second, even if you were to base what I listen to on the photo, you'd be closer to what's actually correct. Why don't you look closer? The piercings, tattoos, outfit have everything to do with bellydancing and absolutely nothing to do with "emo", "screamo", and other such genres I myself consider crap as well. But I mean, if you say Ravi Shankar mutilates, pierces, and tattoos himself while screaming into a microphone about how no one loves him, then it must be true. I didn't know you were such good friends with him. Oh, and if you're going to lecture everyone about good music, find a better person to defend than Drake.

s3xymoma 1

People like y'all make me laugh. Bc u have nothing better to do then argue over dumb shit. Hahaha. Pointless.

tweetbaby14 18

I'm not defending drake personally I think he's a lame rapper. It's just ridiculous how so many people try to say rap isn't music just because "anyone can talk to a beat". I am defending rap as a whole.

tylersign 11

As a whole, rap destroyed music. Some is ok. But when people start making music with fake drums, fake instruments, fake vocals, and sing about buttsecks in a hummer, then you know things are going downhill.

Trebie 6

You dumb shit, that's a picture of a belly dancer. It's middle eastern music/dance. It has nothing to do with "freaks", unless you're a racist or something.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

Well, 106, as you will find if you go back to my original post, I never commented on rap as a whole. There is rap from the 90s that is worth some respect. It's not my genre of choice, but I would never say I hate all rap. Drake, on the other hand... You've found the entirely wrong person to rage to about not being musically open minded. Anyway, it's not fair to say that anything not made with "real" instruments is unworthy of being called music. There are plenty of awesome subgenres of electronic music in an entirely different realm from the typical club trance crap most people usually associate with the term. It's all about how you USE your instrument. ;)

You can't still get the job? He's an ass.

wazdog 4

At least you still have a boyfriend.

No she doesn't. She said he left her because she didn't take the job

ShroomsOnAcid 16

So what then is the FML according to you, 11?

wazdog 4
wazdog 4

You folks are so easy to troll. lol And 107, she actually still does have a job - just not the better one.