By oink oink... - 12/10/2013 13:19 - United States - Mason

Today, I am 20 weeks pregnant. My fiancé has decided my new nickname will be "Oink Oink". FML
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Oh wow, he's an asshole.

What a pig, her fiancé that is


Oh wow, he's an asshole.

Care to explain why do you think so when you don't even know him personally? I don't think judging someone just because you can is a much better act..

18 - why are you so serious on fml, you mother fucker. Ohh fuck, I judged you.

#18 you must be new to the internet allow me to show you around

She should kick him in the balls every time he says it and then nickname him "Ouch, Ouch".

it's the fact that they called the fiance an "asshole" that irks me, he was probably just fooling around. I dont mind some joking around but saying that he's an asshole is taking things to the serious level.. well whatever

The real question is why doesnt she just fucking say 5 months instead of saying it in weeks.

the man called his pregnant wife a just doing that he's an asshole. Joke or not he needs to give her more respect.

48- she's probably one of those people that'll say their 1 year old is 12 months

48, because things change week to week in a pregnancy and so usually pregnant women refer to their progress in pregnancy in weeks, not months.

#18 if you are so sensitive to people name calling on here,you are either too young or not a frequent Internet user.He is an asshole,he deserved that comment.

Hey... hey, 43.... psssst... 43. Yea, you. You're an asshole. I'm so totally serious and taking it to the next level, based on my own preconceived notions of you as a person because of your ridiculous statements concerning not thinking someone is an asshole because you try to read between the lines. So like, totally STFU and GTFO if you want to be a little baby. There's that tour someone else promised you. Asshole.

He has a good humor!

@48 Because tracking a pregnancy week by week is more accurate as far as development of the foetus/baby.

48. Also 20 weeks are 4,5 months and not 5 months. Only February manages to have exactly 4 weeks and that only 3 out of 4 times.

Are you shitting me? Joke or not he's an asshole for calling her that in the first place. Oh no, you're right... He's actually a nice guy.

oink oink? wtf your not fat your prgnant. its not like you swallowed a fetus or anything

Whoosh! Guess what just flew past that head of yours #2? Thanks for 'understanding'

And you can't spell and may also be drunk

she may not have swallowed the whole fetus but...

she wouldn't be pregnant if she swallowed

hes just joking around with you, have a little sense of humor no?

I gave you the thumbs down because you said no at the end.

What 10 said

Do you know how hormonal pregnant women are? And how self conscious some of them are due to their weight?

People here obviously did not read read the Fml when the wife got in a hormonal fit when her husband got her taco bell because she was craving from her pregnancy. The woman is the queen people. The faster you learn it the better

A life lesson learned from Dad

What a pig, her fiancé that is

babe would be sweeter

That'll do pig, that'll do

thats a good movie. tear jerker. makes me want a pig if they were clean and softer to the touch.

Pigs are actually very clean. Ours back up to the fence to eliminate so waste doesn't build up in their pens. Pigs only roll in mud to protect from sunburn and insect bites. They also use spouts to drink instead of stagnate tank water. They're the smartest of our livestock as well.

So what's the problem. Let him know if you feel bothered by it.

Make his nickname "Ouch ouch."

Welcome to the end of the thought, 77.

Ah... Once the hormones wear off it'll be funny.

Maybe try to laugh it off? I don't know but there's definitely more unfortunate situations in the world while you have someone who cares about you and you're going to be a mom soon

your fiancè is a complete dick