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  Nunaetsuko  |  13

it's the fact that they called the fiance an "asshole" that irks me, he was probably just fooling around. I dont mind some joking around but saying that he's an asshole is taking things to the serious level.. well whatever

  Beepbeep7  |  14

#18 if you are so sensitive to people name calling on here,you are either too young or not a frequent Internet user.He is an asshole,he deserved that comment.

  GEFStryker  |  28

Hey... hey, 43.... psssst... 43. Yea, you. You're an asshole. I'm so totally serious and taking it to the next level, based on my own preconceived notions of you as a person because of your ridiculous statements concerning not thinking someone is an asshole because you try to read between the lines. So like, totally STFU and GTFO if you want to be a little baby.

There's that tour someone else promised you. Asshole.

  Rainhawk94  |  27

People here obviously did not read read the Fml when the wife got in a hormonal fit when her husband got her taco bell because she was craving from her pregnancy. The woman is the queen people. The faster you learn it the better

  TwistedCherub1  |  15

Pigs are actually very clean. Ours back up to the fence to eliminate so waste doesn't build up in their pens. Pigs only roll in mud to protect from sunburn and insect bites. They also use spouts to drink instead of stagnate tank water. They're the smartest of our livestock as well.

By  Nunaetsuko  |  13

Maybe try to laugh it off? I don't know but there's definitely more unfortunate situations in the world while you have someone who cares about you and you're going to be a mom soon