By jaycee - 28/01/2012 03:41 - United States

Today, after having finally summoned the nerve to report a guy at my workplace who has been sexually harassing me for months, I got a phone call from my boss. He said that there was nothing he could do about it, because the guy "wouldn't confess." FML
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asoptavlo14 6

Leaving may be your best bet :(

Sucks for you. Report him to a higher authority then. Or get him caught in the act.


asoptavlo14 6

Leaving may be your best bet :(

Do they not have cameras at your workplace?

Hell no, go tell his wife/girlfriend. And if he doesn't have one, just kick him in the nuts and when he tries to tell your boss, don't confess >:)

Idonebeenhad 17

Your boss is a ******* dumbass.

Why should she leave her job? Maybe she worked there for years, got education for it, who knows? So your saying she should let one jerk ruin her career? There are other options, and if it's only one jerk quitting should defiantly not be the first move.

Lure him into a trap and make sure your boss walks in on him touching you... and problem solved!

I agree with #1 if it's that bad of harassment it may not be worth it to still work there

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Ugh reminds me of a teacher at my old high school who touched a girl. She reported it but everyone laughed it off since no one else saw. Makes me sick to this day.

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Call HR yourself. No boss. Nobody else. Just Human Resources. It will get taken care of.

Really Soupey? The defenition now for Sexual harassment is a simple complement? (Face-M82 rifle)

34 - in defense of soupey, a compliment on physical appearance that makes someone of the other sex uncomfortable can be considered sexual harassment.

I think OPs boss is a retired preschool teacher..

Also in defense of soupy, it is part of the sexual harassment training at work

34, The laws on sexual harassment are so broad that you could breathe on me and if I feel uncomfortable about it I could claim sexual harassment. It's not about the act of the individual its about the feelings of the "victim". The way it is handled is equally as useless as the policies themselves.

You can sue that company for not doing anything about it, OP. But it does take guts to take that to your boss, so good on you (:

Don't quit. If this had been going on for so long then it's not a so called compliment and you're not exaggerating. Be brave. If telling this guy to stop hasn't worked and your boss isn't willing to help, then find help else where. Whatever you do though, just don't run, don't hang your head. You can't leave every job because you come across that 'one guy' who deliberately makes you uncomfortable. That's never okay! you know your rights, fight back!

Sexual harassment law was born from the Civil Rights Act and is legally a form of anti-discrimination law (as opposed to criminal or tort law). Document your boss's response, and lack of appropriate response, and file a claim with the EEOC and your state's equivalent. If, as you said, it took you a long time to report it, document how you felt. Sexual harassment is recognized only if it is "severe and pervasive" by an "ordinary woman standard." if you can document its effect on you (your own words, testimony of friends and relatives, or a psychologist), you have a better chance at getting a settlement and changes. You should NEVER have to give up a job you like doing, or a job you must have due to economic circumstances, because of someone else's poor behavior.

tjv3 10

Report them to the employment commission

Dear God, what the hell is "ordinary woman standard"? ...I fear for my life.

Sucks for you. Report him to a higher authority then. Or get him caught in the act.

Redoxx_fml 22

So? That's a stupid reason. Gather evidence, then get a lawyer.

Actually it isn't ****** up. I'd much rather know that they require evidence of wrong doing and don't just go "well, a girl has filed a complaint, we better reprimand the male". There will be further action from here, there is just nothing they can do right now since he hasn't confessed.

MustangGirl72 9

What happens if he doesn't confess? He just gets away with it? It is ****** up.

110, No. It instigates a process in which the individual is monitored and/or they put in place measures to ensure there is no chance it can happen again. I would also rather this idiot gets away with it than promoting a system that allows a barrage of bitches to ruin the lives of their co-workers or threaten to do so simply by making up a story about what the individual apparently did. You don't know the level of harassment the individual is talking about either, which can completely change the severity of the situation and the response required.

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Because a guy will confess to harassing a girl and face possible sex charges.

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Ok you women are taking this way too far. The level of sexual harassment is unknown. Also, downtime is right, even though no man would admit that he sexually harassed someone, the system would be extremely flawed if a person was disciplined or fired simply because of an accusation with no evidence. Furthermore, if you have any common sense you know that there will be an investigation and it's not over simply because he denied it.

'Innocent until proven guilty'. Ever head of it?

GovernorGeneral 8

Lol. That sucks. Record it next time or have other proof and show it your boss. Then show him whos boss >:D

seems like your boss is protecting him. go above ur bosses head

Exactly, your boss is not acting as he should be in a situation like this!

This same situation happend to my girfriend at her old work. She filed a complaint against the guy, but it wasnt until i got down there and beat the shit out of him that something was done about it. The whole system is messed up! If any guy does anything like that to a girl he deserves an ass kicking!! Regardless of who he is or what he does! Cases like this need to be taken far more seriously!!

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The burden of proof is on the accuser. That is how it works. Otherwise, anyone could say anything about you. I'm not saying you are making false accusations. Just that you will need witnesses.

I wish that were always true. Wouldn't be the first time someone made a wild accusation about sexual harassment and someone got fired unjustly. People often can't even get a normal job anymore when they are accused of something like that, whether they were convicted or not. That being said, I sort of agree with OP's boss - I wouldn't take action based on nothing but an accusation, I'd want some sort of proof.

That's right! It sucks for the OP but she is going to need proof. Especially with every teenage girl calling any guy that makes eye contact with her a stalker or creepy.