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By  OCD_NME  |  17

I had a girl say the same thing to me. It turned out she was pregnant before we started dating and was trying to convince me that I was the father.

By  HalfLit  |  17

Hey, unplanned kids are always the coolest ones lol.

  Dave_Davington  |  33

What the fuck does that have to do with anything? Yes, I know you're just being a judgemental, puritan prick, but I'd love to hear you try and explain why people deserve to have their lives ruined because they fucked their partner before you decided it's okay.

  Bingo_Bango  |  13

Well, I'll be damned! How dare she give in to her completely natural biological urges that hundreds of thousands of years of evolution have built into us for the survival of our species. And was still careful enough to use 2 methods of contraception. Damn her to hell! She can come party with me and Jimi Hendrix down there, we'll have a great time!

  Bingo_Bango  |  13

Unfortunately? And no, not nowadays. Heard of the sexual revolution of the swinging 60's? Our parents and grandparents were a lot more loose than they'd have you believe, until the right wring again suppressed us and forced their guilt from a religion that we didn't all believe in or subscribe to. Living in a time of guilt free acid, tits out, love and rock n roll kinda sounds neato compared to the cheeto orange fundamentalist ruining all of our fun and rights again! (I'm not even American but he's inspired them to get back on their soap boxes in my country too..)

Sorry for the spicy rant, but I get sick of seeing women get belittled on here all the time for simply having sex, by jealous men who would if they could get any.

By  hunterseal  |  18

Eh sounds like a RomCom. But it's okay, you have to think and process what you are going to do now. It's never the right time to have a kid but if you want it (or don't ) it's your choice. Best of luck

By  Liongoddess8  |  18

Why have so many people used the laughing reaction face? I honestly don't understand what's supposed to be funny about an accidental pregnancy, when the OP clearly doesn't want a child at this point in her life.

By  Lillysar91  |  19

Although very rare this CAN happen! No contraception is 100% effective and a woman can get pregnant even on the pill and with the use of a condom. You still have options if you do not want this baby. It's not too late at three weeks (depending on where you live of course) but I can understand this is a very difficult situation.

  wawa_sxm  |  13

On the pill yes, but a condom? unless someone made tiny holes in it you must have realised it broke. Its a condom a physical barrier. The only reason its not 100% is because of user error

  Suaria  |  37

The pill is less effective if you don't take it around the same time everyday. It's possible the OP may have forgotten to take the pill one day or was a couple of hours late. She also may have started birth control when they started dating and it takes a month for bc pills to be effective. It's also possible that the condom broke or had tiny holes in it. It's very rare but it's still possible to get pregnant from two forms of birth control.