By seepeezy32 - 02/02/2011 02:32

Today, I was having sex with my girlfriend. She's a sock puppet. FML
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35, I doubt it was good, depending on the material the sock was made. I really doubt they make satin sock puppets out there (or something smoother). That's why it's safe to guess OP's manhood is all scratched out and inflamed.

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hahaha!(: you made me laugh!

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yes he dose but the poor puppet dose not. she should be the one writing an fml. f the puppets life!

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Today, I was just sitting on a desk, minding my own business, when my owner picked me up and started f*cking me. FML.

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and you sir are a tool for posting this!


lol wtf you consider um the sock puppet your girlfriend?

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he lonely so he's doing his sock puppet

he's having sex with a sock that he considers his girl friend

to make it even more clear, he is using his sock to ********** (wank)

Marvalisa, you don't get it cause your Duckface is causing you body to starve your brain of oxygen! Try reading this without horribly screwing up your face and I'm sure you'll get it right away!!

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You rapist. I highly doubt your girlfriend gave concent!

bahaha I highly doubt the girlfriend or 'sock' would agree to it

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hahaha, we'll never know if she likes it.. it's not rape if u like it(;

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And you wonder why you don't have an actual girlfriend.