By pain - 26/02/2010 10:23 - Japan

Today, I realized explosive diarrhea can happen, and at the most inopportune times, such as on the day of MY wedding. At the alter while my husband said his vows. FML
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you should post the video, it'll make you famous

creepermagnet 0

Well, that's just a shitty situation ;)


you should post the video, it'll make you famous

fueledbyshar 0

Sometimes fame isnt always worth it.

yeah, but it'll make people laugh... you can't beat that

plus she's in japan.. they like all the wierd shit over there anyway

You sgould have created a diversion or said, "Oh, i forgot my ring...Brb" ;)


that sucks sorry to hear it nd I agree with no1

don't worry I'm sure the marriage will evntually turn that liquid into solid shot and then u can flush both down the toilet!!

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sounds like the plot for a great japanese porno, just add milk enemas a little bukkake and some eels

38's comment is a rule of the Internet

@86 I take it you watch a lot of Japanese ****. and whether or not your comment was tongue and cheek, that still sounds beyond weird!

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Agree!!! THat'd be hillarious

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Hahahahaha explode diahrrea all over his face lmfao xD It would be like your giving him a part of you(;

this can happen to girls whove had alot of butt sex prior to marriage. what color was the back of your dress A.D. ? brown, red, black or yellow ?

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Well, that's just a shitty situation ;)

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SO... MANY... PUNS... OP: God that sucks, especially on your wedding day. =(

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...whoa. words can't express how much yl is f'd... haha

true, especially because it was on her wedding day!!

well just think...I'm sure there are worse things that could happen. your wedding should be one of the most special days of your life so at least it gives you and your special someone something to laugh about and remember forever:)

"Today (on my wedding day) as I was saying my vows to the love my life, she felt like she should respond by ********...right in front of me FML."

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It probably would've hurt less if her husband got off to that stuff or if she was in Germany (but I guess Japan works too). But in all seriousness though, I'm really sorry that that happened.

what does Germany have to do with anything?

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There's a stereotype that Germany is the home of many corprophila (a fetish involving shit) pornos. It's referenced in the South Park Movie, but to be honest, I'm not 100% sure about it being a true stereotype.

No stereotypes are 100% true. That's kind of the definition of a stereotype.