By 1234 - 11/07/2009 16:41 - Canada

Today, it was my wedding day. I had my butt clenched during the ceremony. I was giving my husband the ring, but dropped it. When I went to retrieve it, I let a huge one rip. My husband yelled, "She likes to eat beans." FML
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MSJ91 1

haha, now you'll remember your wedding better you should be laughing at it; it makes for a better memory

HAHAHAA OH SHIZ that's so classic, you're a keeper.


You're canadian, so YDI anyways

yeah, cause canadians are the ones everyone calls jerks.

#31, we should meet up sometime. Like in a parking lot or something.

SiCMgt4SlipKnoT, seriously just shut up. Your intolerance is really starting to piss me off. Guess which country I'm from? I'll give you a hint: I'm not from Canada so you can't use your shitty ass "insults" against me. Shut the fuck up and stop being racist against Canadians douchebag. OP: That sucks. I always end up having to pee when I get nervous, so if it makes you feel better I'll probably start squirming during my wedding. Hahaha. It'll be a nice story to humor family members later down the line (or kids if you're planning on having any). I know I enjoy hearing my Mom's embarrassing wedding stories. Or pretty much any story before I was born is interesting... Anyway, FYL.

You're an asshole. From, The Proud Canadian

Ya'll a bunch of white niggers

and you probably just posted this to get responces and feel popular because you touch yourself at night

WTF does being canadian have to do with letting one rip!! u stereotyping asshole!!

Obvious Troll is Obvious

Stop being such a racist piece of shit!

Shut the fuck up you over-sensitive prick. learn to take a damn joke

#35 should stop being an internet tough guy

k guys its just a joke

dang canadians.....always farting, I blame them and their "bacon"

97 ftw that guy looks like dumb muscle doucheman jkjk

lol at least you have a good husband who can crack a joke!

Racist? The fuck are you on about? Canadian isn't a race. It's a nationality.

haha awh noo :/

MSJ91 1

haha, now you'll remember your wedding better you should be laughing at it; it makes for a better memory

My thoughts exactly. Plus he joked about it, so sounds like it's something that can be laughed about later.

yeah, i wouldn't be laughing if i married a tactless ass who furthered such wedding day humiliation.

HAHAHAA OH SHIZ that's so classic, you're a keeper.

Really embarrassing, no?

wow. I'm one of the first comments.

Who fucking cares!

You're also one of the first douchebags to boast about what number your comment is. Congrats!

Actually he isnt boasting. Hes so amazed he accomplished something, so he told everyone about his "amazing" feat. :P

Apparently you care enough to comment.

wow! that completely sucks!! did you laugh it off?

LOL!! This is MOST definitely an FML! At least you always have those memories!! :D

Would the clenching help squeeze out the fart? I don't know.

No you idiot , clenching keeps the fart in not squeeze it out ... DUHHHHHHH

Well, you married him? its funny, i just hope people laughed or it would be akward. YDI for dropping