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  KatrinaKitten  |  16

Diarrhea generally shouldn't be that much of an issue unless it persists for more than a couple of hours. Nonetheless, FYL.

I hope you find a way to delay your performance while you recover.

  Meowchie  |  5

I can't believe people down-rated #1 just because they are jealous of not being #1 lol.... Silly.

As for the FML, FYL OP, but it's okay, try to remember the purpose of your wedding and forget the westernized view on weddings; it's more than just 1 day, "the big day" - you're marrying someone and if he loves you, he will wait / understand.


  Insane_Tea  |  15

Not to mention the clean up. All the gifts will be covered in the back lash which will make them non-returnable and ndon't even get me started on gammy's priceless fine china. OH GOD THE FINE CHINA!