By humiliated - 26/02/2010 10:21 - United States

Today, I was finally hooking up with a girl I was after for a long time. Things got really hot and heavy but she stopped and looked at me weird. She said, "I can't do it, you're really wet. It looks like chicken fat." FML
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precum isn't generally "white and stringy"...


I'm pretty sure this is Lesbi-Sex, why would a girl tell a man that he's really wet?

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yeah probably both girls, by chicken fat meaning kfc look alike grease! gross

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yes haha furreal I'm just confused

FML for having to read that. I just threw up in my mouth.

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haha cockblock get it chicken haha even thogh the op is a girl haha

It isn't your sweaty... it's you're sweaty.

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who freaking cares???!!! God im so sick of people correcting other people

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Ugh me too.... Sorry OP, FYL, but seriously that description is enough for the most hardened sex master to gag a bit....

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bahaha!!! xD that made my day. I'm sorry OP :')


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Men don't generally get "really wet".

I'm wondering that too, girl on girl win? still an FYL OP

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That's what I was thinking, unless the guy was sweating or something.

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guys can get wet.... lots of pre ejaclate?

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Yes, you are right. Men are often referred to as being wet when there is lots of pre-cum..... Oh, wait, no, that's wrong.

could easily be a guy - chicken fat is white and stringy ... maybe that's what the pre cum looked like??? either way the poor OP what a shallow bitch!

precum isn't generally "white and stringy"...

So if ^^^hes right why don't you try hitting reply next time?

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You should probably get that checked out..

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